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Guilty Watch Pleasures


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OK, we had pet hates, what about guilty pleasures? Brands, Watches or things horological that most seem to hate but you love.

For me it's

Ulysse Nardin. Catastrophic depreciation, Looks that can be described as in the 'Challenging to hideous' range and a reputation for being the watches of choice for Bratva members. I still love them.

Tag Heuer. Ruined their reputation in the 80's by squating out endless low budget quartz tat, sold anywhere that would stock them. The Monaco seems to have been the only one that skated by untarnished thanks to the bulletproof association with Steve Mcqueen. I must say I rather like the Carerra, Grand Cararra, and Aquaracer lines, no way I'd buy new though.

Integrated Bracelets. Love 'em, waiting until I can buy a decent one - rather like the ML Aikon.

Interesting dial textures. MOP, Meteorite, snowflake, fumee, sunburst, tapisserie, anything that isn't just a flat boring dial is good for me. Strangely not keen on painted enamel dials that I've seen.

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Have a few things that I really like that some at least seem to get a hard time.
Snowflakes hands - though I’m yet to own a watch with them. 

Meteor, MoP and other textured dials. 

But my favourite- NATO and Zulu straps. I don’t get on with metal bracelets, rubber and leather is fine but much prefer the sheer ease of changing the whole look of a watch with a 10 second change of strap. And mostly relatively cheap. 

Or a combination of 2 out of 3..



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OK, not necessarily guilty pleasures because I don’t feel in any way guilty about them. However, they are features which are not always lauded in watch forums generally.

1. Gold. But it has to be on small dress type watches, and preferably vintage. Definitely no bimetal or bracelets.

2. Roman numerals and cabochons. But then, I’m a Cartier fan.

3. Unlumed dials and hands.

4. Cyclops. I only have one but it’s the only date I can read without me glasses.

5. Manual wind. I don’t mind automatics at all, and I have several, but my preference is for manuals.

6. Blue dials. I think they are much more mainstream these days anyway, and very popular – I don’t mind black, off-white, or silver, but blue is definitely my favourite.

7. Alligator and crocodile straps.

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Retro digital watches.  I don't own any, I keep stopping myself buying any, but there are some awesome 80's looking LED/LCD watches that I fancy.  I can't see myself wearing them- but I guess if I enjoy looking at them then it's no different to art of any kind...

This is one of my favorites, probably topped by the Omega Chrono Quartz suggested on a previous thread:


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Quartz watches! Not the crappy ones but a nice high quality quartz like the GS 9F....and the spring drive, both marvels of engineering 

4 o clock date windows! I dislike 3 o clock because it usually interferes with the numerals so 4 o clock seems ideal placement. 

Faux patina and heritage/ retro watches. I agree if they’re done badly they are catastrophic but when done right like the Longines Avigation or Omega Railmaster they are stunning. 

Unlumed dials.....let’s be honest, most of the time we don’t need lume most of the time....and they look way better as they get older. 

No date watches. If I want a date, il look at my phone. (Ok I know I’m contradicting myself with the 4 o clock thing, but I’d rather have none at all) 


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19 minutes ago, WickerBill said:

Ohhhh il add another one. 

German watches!!!!!! 

Lange, Glashutte, Sinn, Meistersinger.....I know most people think Swiss but I genuinely think the best designed watches are coming from Germany at the moment 

Can't help but add a "+1" to that. 6 out of seven of the pics in my earlier post are of German watches.

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Yeah I love a big date.

The spinnaker hull cali should have been a shoe in for me, it ticks a hell of a lot of boxes I always wanted California numerals and I absolutely love the dial texture, however it sits on my wrist like a blister as I have a large rounded wrist and the lugs are too short. I've tried a couple of different straps but none seem to let the thing sit well on my wrist. Will probably sell it soon ans see if I can find something else. 

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1 hour ago, horologicallyChallenged said:

To my shame i must admit I like alot of Hublots more subtle designs I am a complete sucker for this:


You're not alone - I'm a fan as well! :thumbsup:

I'm with the OP. I love UN. I get more of a buzz looking at their offerings than probably any other brand and luckily they have an outlet in Bkk.

I also enjoy the more avant-garde - and expensive brands. I really enjoy MB&F, clocks included - wonderful in the flesh. I love alternative movements, which is often a big factor for me, hence another reason to enjoy UN. My out of reach forever grail is the Armin Strom mirrored force resonance. Sorry I can't link to a pic right now. 

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