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You know when you buy a new car you see them everywhere?   Well I watched a video about a watch online and then suddenly everywhere I looked the watch was saying buy me. 

So I started paying attention and noticed as soon as a good one came up for sale it seemed to be gone as quickly as it came. 

Looking on Chrono24 there were a number of these watches, just 3 for sale at n the UK, one took my fancy, with a clean silver dial and a competitive price... I almost pulled the trigger but then spotted the lugs.   Normally fluted like a Speedmaster this one had standard jobbies..  

Having bought my constellation cheap but living with a blemish on the dial I decided this watch needs to tick all my boxes. 

Firstly it must have the correct movement... It comes with two different versions the earliest watches with a bumper auto... I wanted the next version with a micro rotor. 

Secondly the dial must be clean and contrasting... Silver with a gold inner bezal is cool, black with silver, gold with steel etc but all matching colour metals make it look very vanilla. 

Thirdly I wanted it to have the correct crown.   Many otherwise good watches seemed cheap but had non-original button and stem. 

So nothing on Chrono24 (the only good watches we'll over price.)

I looked on eBay and found one... Put in an offer which was accepted. 

Maybe I still overpaid a little... But what swung it was this watch was solid gold (I had intended to buy steel to try and keep some balance in my watchbox) and had the original gold pinbuckle.  Its a peeve of mine when a gold watch has a plated buckle.   (not that I am allergic but one of the ideas of gold is catering to those needing hypoallergenic, more to the point its annoying the original is gone) 

None of these watches come with box and papers, I am not sure how to date one but in gold maybe its got some marks... They had 1959 on it and also 1960-69 so that's up in the air.   It being ebay I am hoping an empty box doesn't appear... 

The other thread mentioned packaging... Someone is trying to sell the original packaging for £800.  Not for me but it shows how rare that stuff is for vintage watches. 

Anyway, I wonder if you guessed what it is yet? 

Photos to come on receipt of said item. 

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I hate autocorrect
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37 minutes ago, Karrusel said:

1960’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox


Already did that one :)

Its a brand not in the list at the bottom of my signature, though designed by the same gentleman as something I already own.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well that took long enough  but very happy with it...  

The strap is brand new, I thought I would change it... Any suggestions what I should go for? 

The case is pretty clean and the dial looks perfect. 


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A fine acquisition, looks to be in very good condition!

No surprise really, 40’s-60’s was the zenith of 20th century quality watchmaking, IMHO.

Many a fine example to be found/had, if you’re prepared to be patient.


Wonder if UG were still paying royalties to Buren (patent holder of the micro rotor invention) when your model was made ?


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5 hours ago, WRENCH said:

Brown Lizard or Ostrich would be my choice

Or croc/gator.  Definitely tan or brown, and I think reasonably light. 

@Daveyboyz  an absolute classic with a great history. Well done. 

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