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Hello from yet another newbie...



Hi, and thanks very much for allowing me to join. I am not an expert in anything to do with clocks, so I'm hoping I'm in good company with at least a few others  here, and I acknowledge gratefully anything  useful and/or interesting I can learn/absorb along the way from other members, all of whom will have been on here longer than me, and who will have infinitely more knowledge than me about  clocks/watches and very likely for a long time thereafter...but what brought me to this forum? 

A lovely old spring-driven hand-painted wooden chimimg pendulum wall clock, belonging previously to my parents, now passed on to me. I remember it working well, (too) many years ago, when I was a child, and of Dad pulling the wind-up weight every night before bed. Occasionally us children were allowed to "wind" it up, as a treat for unuaually good behaviour, so that wasn't too often...!

My question, if anyone can advise is this.  The clock has not been working for a number of years, and has been recently cleaned and serviced, but it keeps stopping; It "ticks" for a while, a couple of minutes, then stops. I Googled the reasons for this, and watched videos on YouTube on how to adjust the beat. We have done this, and think that we have cracked "setting the beat" to get the tick-tock rhythm in sync. But the clock still keeps stopping. I can't see it or hear it touching anything during the ticking, so it it is presumably needing adjustment of the bar on which the pendulum hooks  The company who serviced it have been out a couple of times so far, and are also unable so far to get it working, and are saying it is our walls...which are solid brick. We have fixed it firmly to one of our brick walls in the room we want it to "live" in, and have called over the repair company again. There is 12 months guarantee on the work so theoretically they can keep coming out until it is right but I'm beginning to wonder if/when the great day might actually be. According to what I read on Google, it should be a fairly simple fix, and this is what our repairer said also. Should we insist they take the clock away until it is sorted once and for all? I am not the expert to say what should be done to it but what is being saidto us s that the work has been done to get it right, it just needs adjustment on the wall it will be hanging on. Just a little advice would be very much appreciated as we'd love to have Benjamin (yes, I know...our childhood name for it..) working again as he once was. I''m doubting its a wall problem as we had the clock on a similarly old wall, back in the '40's, with it hanging on just a nail in the wall as far as I know.The repairers appear to be fully qualified in the work they do so I'm not questioning that, just wonder if other members are struggling with this kind of problem and what if anything they were able to achieve .

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