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In my current search, eBay good bit like everyone says be careful, don’t go with little or no feedback good advice from @Alpha550t see what else they are selling and check feedback. I find Chrono 24 and watchfinder too expensive however @andyclient is right. Also search the watch on google preowned it may show an independent. 

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As i have said i am new to watch buying/collecting. this year i have bought a tissot and two tudors from an AD.

 I was thinking about used for my next purchase purhaps a tudor pellagos black, or breitling superocean 42 blue.

But looking at the used prices there is not much saving. It might pay to go for new again.

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22 hours ago, Boots said:

 I think I'm running at about one good for every two rubbish.

Not just me then. 

“Needs new battery” = Totally knackered.

”Spares or Repair” = I’ve had a go and have no idea/made such a hash of it it’s beyond repair now, over to you to see if you can do better. 



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Buy the seller. If the photos are rubbish and the description is a fairy tale, toodle-pip, old bean.

My two favourites of all time:

1. Good working order, just needs a battery. (1960s Smiths Astral):ooops:

2. Made in Swaziland (Omega or might have been a CW):whistle:

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I've had quite a few described with the wrong movement. When you look them up in Dr. Ranfft, the are chronograph, or calendar, or automatic movement, when clearly the watch is not. Sometimes I wonder if the seller is trying to "blind with science"? "Oh the 937 movement is very reliable", a technique some car sales people have been known to employ.

I like the Swaziland Omega - that could be very valuable; very, very rare! (another favourite eBay description)

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In defence of the accusation that Chrono24 is expensive, it has many thousands of dealers on there.   The sites commission is 5% (less than half of Ebays) and often some negotiation is possible.

Dealers usually won't be as cheap as private sales but Chrono24 also has some private sellers.

Maybe you won't find something for nothing there and maybe there is a great deal of variation between vendors but I hardly think that it's fair to claim it's particularly expensive.

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I have a seen lot on ebay and it is a lottery ,vague descriptions or too much information . I have always found word of mouth also a good method , and there is a lot of decent sellers out there . what ever your budget there's something out there for you , it is also a great help when you get a "heads up" when looking for a particular item 

Also when i have been collecting various item not watch related the catch phrase the site had was "if in doubt give us a shout" and you get spot on advice as to worth/value/authenticity etc , if you need advice on watches you have come to the rite place 

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8 hours ago, Watch-and-C said:

The thing that puts me off chrono 24, and any other used sales, is what if you're buying a watch with a un-optimum movement (slow or fast)?

My understanding with Chrono24 and the other brokers, if you buy from a registered dealer, rather than a private seller, there is a safety net of various degrees available. Many deals are brand new with papers, so you have manufacturers warranty if needed. If it is an older/vintage watch, then that risk is there where ever your buy from.

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