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Three or four £500 watches or one at £2k? Struggling to make the jump to so called 'luxury'.

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10 hours ago, AlexC1981 said:

How did you find out the original price of your Seiko?  I have an early 70s quartz Seiko, a 3862-8000.  It would be interesting to know what the original price was.

EDIT - Whoops, not to worry, I found it when I just googled 3862 rather than the full number.

Depends on the year Alex........the 3803's (all two of them), in the Seiko 1972 JDM catalogue were 130,000yen, but by 1974, in the JDM catalogue, ones like my 3862-7010, prices had dropped to less than half that, though the 'VFA' models were shown as 141,000yen. However in the meantime yen exchange rates had changed quite dramatically and 141,000yen in 1974 'only' had the buying power, in 2020, of about £2,500...... which still made my November 1973 3862, at 48,000yen, a  moderately expensive watch at the time, 2020 equivalent price being about £850....




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About 25 years ago in my late 20s I bought my first "luxury" watch , A Breitling Colt. It cost about £1300 back then and was £1100 more than I had ever spent. I just put it on and wore if for 7 years.

One of my favourite watches is this VERY early (Aug 1972) Seiko 3803 quartz analogue that's new price, in 1972,  was the equivalent of around £3,500 in 2020.....I bought it a few years ago, before the

Looks perfect, I've never heard of O&W but make up some historical waffle about it and tell me how it will turn me into a war hero, astronaut or deep sea diver and ill give you £2k for it! 

I have a small, eclectic  collection ranging from Ulysse Nardin and Breitling to Smiths and Spinnaker.  There is a definite jump in quality between say the Smiths and the UN. Not to say the Smiths is bad (it's really very good) but the finishing and feel of the more expensive watch is on another level. I wear the Smiths regularly and use it to tell the time, when I wear the UN I can spend minutes looking at the dial detail.

I'd say follow the advice above regards 2nd hand, you get a lot more bang for your buck on the pre-owned market and while buying new is great experience and discounts can be had, it's fleeting and not comparable to the 'discount' you get buying used, never mind the fact that if you do decide that higher end watches aren't for you (no shame in that) you will take less of a hit if you sell it.

As for reluctance to wear an expensive watch, just ensure they are covered on your contents insurance policy either as a named item 'away from home' or that the 'away from home' maximum cover will cover your watch for theft, loss and damage. I'm about to change / renew my B&C insurance and Marks & Spencer insurance has great 'away from home' cover allowing up to £15k (not that I need that much for the watches I have)



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well i made the jump from a £500 gucci which i thought was the bees knees, to  used  £1500 breitling , to a used  £ 2 k omega to a £3k GS / cartier, to a 5K rolex, to a £6.5 k rolex ( still have all excet the gucci) in 4 years here , i value the breitling as much as the rolex,

my point being its not that hard to make the jumps once you have owned a quality watch imo. however i am carefull with them all, but wear them all in rotation,


ps i have £200 watches i treat the same as my most expensive too.

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On 11/09/2020 at 17:14, Dilly said:

Ive been into watches and clocks for about 20 years. I do some basic repairs, case refinishing, crystal replacement etc for friends and family and have built up a collection of just over 30 watches. 

If we forget about sentimental value the highlights of my collection are:

Seiko Alpinist -  CWC SBS Tritium - Glycine Combat Sub - Hamilton Khaki Mechanical - Yema Superman - RADO Hyperchrome. 

The RADO was the dearest watch I've ever purchased at £600 from Jomashop. 

Always fancied the Tudor Black Bay 36 but at £2k Im thinking can it be 4 times better than anything else I have with an ETA 2824 movement?

My step father was a clearance/sat diver who owned several Rolex submariners including a COMEX faced all of which he sold without any attachment to what he said where simply tools of the trade, he now wears a fit bit aged 75! I think I am haunted by his disregard for the so called 'luxury' status we place on these items. I am impeccable in my care for time pieces. My wife bought me a G-Shock for DIY which I couldn't bring myself to use so this has become a sea/beach watch for walking the dog and swimming with the kids. 

Im also concerned at £2k ill be too scared to even use the watch, imagine catching it on a car door etc :(

What have you thought after significantly raising your spend for a watch?


I was in your corner until recently - there are a couple I might splash out on, at around 2k, one of them is a Speedmaster 125 - lots of them come up  because they are unloved, but I fancy one for my Russian space-watch box.  I am thinking if I sell a couple to raise 1k, then I would get it half price!

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