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Update - New brand/design

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I’ve been starting to take an interest in micro brands recently and some of the companies which have taken off in the last few years. 

Being a designer, I’m starting to look into the possibilities of working up a design. I’m just wondering what people thoughts/opinions on whether a quartz or an automatic is the better product to proceed with.

brands like MVMT and the Camden watch company seem to have had great success with quartz watches at a cost effective level for what seems like a bigger market. Whereas Marloe and brands like Avi-8 offer automatics in the sub £1k or even sub £500 bracket which I’d imagine have a smaller market, due to what I would class as the price bracket being a little more than “disposable income” which is where the sub £120 quartz watches come into play.

Therefore my thoughts were that I’d I was going to look into this, to aim for a quartz watch for a larger market appeal and then develop into Automatics following any success for a slightly different audience. 

I’f be really keen to get people’s thoughts and experiences. 

Many thanks! 

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21 hours ago, John84 said:

I’f be really keen to get people’s thoughts and experiences. 

It would be an idea to go back through some of the posts in this section of the forum to see some of the comments left on completed projects. You are pitching into what is potentially a saturated market, and if you go budget quartz, a highly saturated market. Regardless of which way you go, marketing will be your major time and financial consumption.

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22 hours ago, John84 said:

. I’m just wondering what people thoughts/opinions on whether a quartz or an automatic is the better product to proceed with.

Have you considered hand-wound? Plenty of movements available. 

The problem with a lot of KS projects is that they are a bit generic and follow the herd.

Dare to be different.:teethsmile:

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My advice would be, based on where you're targeting and its audience, you've got to go automatic and lean in hard on differentiation through design. 

If you were funding and launching a globally scalable brand off the starting plate, I may advise otherwise but then again look at Fossil's share price over the last 5 years. 

I believe in a future for quartz but I think history is repeating itself and in 30 years quartz brands will call this period 'the smartwatch crisis' 

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On 21/10/2020 at 17:44, Davey P said:

That ^ would be enough to put anyone off the idea of creating a new Kickstarter project :laughing2dw:

Exactly why I’m hesitant in trawling through too much so that I don’t lose too focus and enthusiasm too soon!

I know it’s all a bit of a long shot and in reality a pipe dream, but I’ll not get any satisfaction from giving up early doors.

My thoughts on choosing quartz over automatic to begin with were that the amount of capital needed to raise would be less as a start up due to the product being less expensive (obviously marketing aside). Am I missing something there do you think or is it entirely how people buy into you and your product? 

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Opinions are like ars3holes, everyone has one. Don't let it put you off as there have been plenty of successful kickstarter watch projects. Find a niche and go with it. Usually watch collectors and aficionados will like autos or hand winders.

With Kickstarter, you fall into the trap of just producing those watches and not much more, not that its a bad model, but it doesn't have the massive exposure that a wholesale brand will have.

@WRENCH puts forward the most important part of a KS campaign in my experience for watches

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  • 2 months later...

Hi all,

I posted some time ago about my curiosity of starting a microbrand and developing a design, mainly around whether quartz or Auto would be the route to follow.

I’ve been working on a design for the past few months and have learnt a lot from this about watchmaking in general which if nothing else, I’ve taken enjoyment from. 

However, I’m now looking into the next stage which is working with a supply partner to understand how costs might stack up and what hurdles I would need to jump though.

I would really like to hear from people who have successfully(or unsuccessfully as well) gone through this process as to what I really need to be mindful of, what you would do different with a second opportunity and what my very careful next steps should be.

My big crossroads now seems to be, try and launch a Kickstarter using only 3D visuals as a sell tool and raise funds for full technical development as well as mass production (which I consider being more difficult to hit a Kickstarter target for) or cough up a substantial amount of money up front to complete a design which ultimately, people may then not take to and may not get off the ground.

whatever your experience, please feel free to share on this post or feel free to get in touch.

many thanks,


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I think if I were to give any advice on kick-starting a project I would be just talking out my bum. 

But I do know what I'm looking for..

Solid SS bracelet on 'normal' lugs at around 20mm that will not come loose from a heavy case. I don't want a busy face, not even a date. No huge numbers. I know where each hour is thank you. No bezel (does anyone ever use it?). The only thing written on the face should be the name (you can put all that other stuff on the back). A 'quality' hand wind movement! I don't need my watch to go to 1000m underwater. 10-20m but it would be good to have it "sand" proofed. No chunky hands please, a little discretion goes a long way but I must be able to see the time at a glance and from 1-2m away. I also don't want a £10,000 watch, £500 please. If you want the top dollar, make it in gold. If it comes with a free fridge then I can spare some of my normal house running money towards it, if you get what I mean. It doesn't have to have a gimmick (I don't need it to be made from an old p-30 tank). Go simple, go long lasting, go quality.

We buy watches half on what it looks like and half of what's inside it. It would be nice to know my grandson can use it at my age.

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