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Vintage Omega prices - still rising

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How much?


This isn't a rare watch, like the Heuer Skipper that made £57k at the same sale.  I thought that I might have a chance of getting this omega for about £320 hammer price, but including fees this is nearly £900

Am I missing something here?  Or is this a freak result.  During lockdown the trade have had some normal places to buy watches closed, such as the clock and watch fairs here and abroad, or antique shops and jewelers.  Combined with high demand, and high gold prices, and a weak pound it is harder to keep finding good stuff but this just seems a bonkers result for a watch with no warranty.

I didn't buy anything from Fellows yesterday.  And then later Nottingham is put in tier 3 measures, so non essential shops there may be forced to close. Is this a blip in prices due to lack of availability, or something else?


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I've sold a few of my collection on ebay this year and made a little money. These were easily available watches which I was selling as pre-owned and bought new or PO myself. 

I post any item to end at 21:00 on a Sunday to maximise bored couch surfers however I certainly saw an uptick in the summer which I put down to buyers spending their holiday money on ebay when they would otherwise be on holiday in a bar. I saw this cool when the kids went back. 

Halfterm this week so maybe a slight uptick in online viewers making a market when ordinarily they'd be queuing in the rain at Alton Towers. 

I run a retail based business which ordinarily has holiday uplift - not so this year so bored shoppers are certainly elsewhere and probably pouring their life into their phones (I'm aware of the irony of this claim...) 

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Believe this trend will continue for a while Scott, certainly while current/future restrictions will be in place.  There is only a finite amount of 'vintage, collectable' commodities about.  

Those fortunate enough with disposable income, over & above covering daily/monthly necessities, are looking to invest, indulge (?) in other areas, such as gold, land/property, antiques & collectables.  Some folk will have used funds, normally spent on eating out, holidays, events, theatre/concert visits, in these type of arenas.

You get F*** all letting it sit in a Bank!!!

Some auctioneers I've spoken to recently all confirm the rise in 'on line viewing & bidding' which they believe is down to home confinement, brought about by the current Covid crisis.


Is it a good time to sell my 'old tat' now ?


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You never sell anything @Karrusel, it's one of the things I don't like about you :tongue:

Lots of people have had extra cash, and lots have less.  I have noticed an upturn in people spoiling themselves too.  Judging peaks and troughs is hard though - picking up speedmasters for a grand used to be quite easy, and we all thought subs were daft at £4k a few years ago.  I was wrong, again

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29 minutes ago, Karrusel said:


Believe this trend will continue for a while Scott, certainly while current/future restrictions will be in place.  There is only a finite amount of 'vintage, collectable' commodities about.    

This is key, compared to 20 years ago there seems to be fewer vintage Omegas for sale, I should have kept hold of my Speedmaster cal. 861, Speedmaster MkII "Racing", Speedmaster MkIII, Speedmaster Mk IV, Speedmaster Automatic (Mk 4.5), Omega Flightmaster etc etc etc - oh well :laugh:


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