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Recommendations wanted for a watch for each of my twin daughters- to give them in 18 years...

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Hi everyone,

I am new here, and wanted to pose a question. My partner and I have been lucky enough to have twin identical girls earlier this year. I am obviously into watches (by posting this!) and as such I want to get them each a watch I can put away till they're 16 or 18. Ideally a new model year for 2020. I was thinking an Rolex OP 36mm in one of the new bright colours- maybe the yellow and egg shell blue. Or if I can get a few submariners it'd be more of an investment maybe. Hoping people had some cool ideas- I'm thinking sub 10K each and steel, and something hopefully they'll want to wear when they're 18. Grateful for your suggestions! James (and Annie and Bryony)... (or stick 20K in an ISA for 18 years..?)

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Personally I would invest in renewable/alternative energy companies, gold (even Andrex  :hmmm9uh:), if I was looking long term.  Then liquidate the investment & let them choose an appropriate gift to celebrate, honour the occasion.
Who knows what world will be living in 18 years from now?

The twins may be more grateful for a regular supply of loo roll than a wristwatch when they are 18?

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to be tying up 20K on an intended gift for someone 18 years from now.


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I would put money away rather than a watch. Just because you like watches doesn't mean they will.

I'm always bemused by these, 'What watch for my newborn?' threads. I'd much rather pass down to my two kids a watch that I've worn all their lives, and one that might at least have some sentimental value to them. This is assuming they don't hate me when the time comes :huh:

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4 hours ago, it'salivejim said:

I'd much rather pass down to my two kids a watch that I've worn all their lives, and one that might at least have some sentimental value to them.

I agree with this, my father's old Rolex is far more valuable to me than, for example, my 21st present.

Another consideration is how you're going to store these watches. 18 years in a box, not being used, could do all sorts of damage, I would have thought.

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I totally get this. I have watches sitting past for my two boys for when they are a bit older only a couple of Tissots though no £10k watches here.  

If you can afford to put £20k past for them then thats great but without delving into your perosnal life that might be beer money to you or youve come from humble beginings have a small inheritance youve just recieved and you are putting the entire amount past for your daughters while you struggle to put food on the table! So only you can decide the 'risk' so to speak. 

To be very brief here my step father was a sat diver for comex, a submariner was like a screwdriver to him, absolutely no care for the watches. He finds it off the scale how fascinated us watch nerds are with the whole thing. Hes had a few submariners sitting about in bubble wrap! for years and just flogged them when he needed a few quid. There is no way in the 70's hed have had any idea of the worth of these things. I never got one, didnt try hard enough at school or something!

So for you to put so much into a watch that might be an investment in 20 years time is a total gamble in my mind. Look at the antiques road show, everything goes in and out of fashion. Your only going to need Rolex to get bad press for something and the value could drop like a stone. etc etc

So to compromise how about a couple of 32mm Tudor Black Bays with their date of birth engraved on the back and the £7500 change in a financial investment. Mum could even wear them on special occasions so by the time the girls get them they have accumulated priceless sentimental value. Then at 18 your girls wont be thinking why the hell did dad buy us this odd device for £10k that our inbuilt Apple iChips tell us if we blink twice!!



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I have a teenage daughter, and she is not interested in watches at all.  Group it in premium bonds and see what the 20k is worth in 18 years, hopefully a bit more, and then buy them a watch each if that is what they want.  Small cocktail watches may be back in fashion then, and they won't be seen dead in a 36mm watch.

Or buy a classic car, give them a whole childhood of memories in it, and then sell it and give them half each. 


You still have to work out how to tell them one of them was not planned :laugh:

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Is wine still a thing, didn’t it out perform gold a bit back ???

Classic cars need to be maintained or in 18 years you’ll just have a pile of oil & rust and a very expensive restoration.

Shares, made a few quid

Pension not looking great

On the other hand I wish I’d filled my boots and bought a bag load of LV’s when they were less than three grand a pop

:laughing2dw: :laughing2dw:

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