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Hi guys I have joined this forum as you seem a very friendly and knowledgeable bunch of people. I have a couple of vintage watches which I believe to be military watches and was wondering if you could help with any information about them. 

Unfortunately I don't know how to upload any images... It would seem. I need more help than I thought

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Dear @Rydog, I can tell you that your "Flight Captain" wristwatch can be attributed to Eglantine SA, based at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, and the mark of "Flight Captain" beneath the winged clock logo was registered on 4 September 1943. Interestingly, the word mark alone was also registered on the same day by Compagnie des Montres/Valery SA, which was based in Geneva and La Chaux des Fonds. Eglantine SA was apparently a producer of clocks and it may be that the watches bearing the Flight Captain mark and winged clock logo were actually the product of Compagnie des Montres/Valery SA, especially as your own example has the place designation, "GENEVA".

I haven't got time today to do more research, but hopefully, there will be other Forum investigators out there to give you more details.

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3 hours ago, Rydog said:

That's amazing info thank you for your help I wouldn't like to think how many hours I have spent on Google and haven't been able to find anything about it 

As @Always"watching" says, unravelling the real story of these old companies takes time. After a bit of digging about in the records I can tell you a little more on the company behind your watch.

"Flight Captain", with the winged logo that you see on the dial, was first registered by Eglantine SA of La Chaux-de-Fonds on 4th September 1943. In November 1943 the same company registered the trademark "Valory". Then, in March 1944, the name of the company was changed to Compagnie des Montres Valory S.A. (Valory Watch Co. Ltd). This roughly coincided with a change of management. By 1945 the company had moved to Geneva, where the new owner lived. 

The trademark "Flight Captain" was renewed on 26th September 1963 by Valory Watch Co. It expired, due to non-renewal, on 26th April 1984. To get a more accurate date for your watch it would help to see the movement.

In 1920 the watchmaker Jules Déhon of Les Brenets changed the name of his business to "Fabrique Eglantine", but this company was declared bankrupt in December 1933. Les Brenets isn't far from La Chaux-de-Fonds, so there may be a connection, but there's no sign of  Déhon in the formation of Eglantine SA.

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Hi yes there is no real markings on the back other than the standard stuff to say what it is made of. I have to be honest I haven't been brave enough to remove the back there doesn't seem to be anywhere to get into it I have taken the front off but again doesn't seem to want to come out that way to see the movement. I will look again and if I can get it off I will post some pics and let you know. 

Thanks again for all your help 

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