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Jet Jetski

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Well it's a good news / bad news kind of day.  The good news is that my chrono says I ran 10k in one hour dead, which is my target pace!


The bad news is, very politely, the chrono stops recording after one hour, to save me the embarrassment of posting my a trial time.  But more good news, whilst out on my run, I found the bezel I lost at the weekend, with a new patina from the ice and snow that you would pay good money for!


The bad news is that I have already replaced it with a plastic bezel, and glued the crystal with UV curing adhesive so it won't pop out again ...

But there's more good news, because according to my last change for the year, we have entered the last knockings of 2020, for we are into the final rotation of the small hand, indeed, in rather fewer than 11 hrs, the watch will be pointing to 2021 o'clock!


All the best for this evening and the next 12 months,



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8 hours ago, JoT said:

My most accurate watch I want to make sure I know exactly when this year is behind us!


That's a good point well made - good riddance to 2020 & looking forward to 2021 :thumbs_up:

As seems to have been the norm for the last couple of months I'll be wearing this one (apologies for the lousy photo) - Happy New Year all :biggrin:


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5 minutes ago, Alpha550t said:

Thought you were in London!  I'll wave in morning, about 6.30.

I’ve lived and worked all over the world and somehow ended up in Hartlepool, must of caught the wrong flight somewhere. 

:laughing2dw: :laughing2dw:

Trust me when I tell you I won’t see 6.30 tomorrow morning the Bacardi & Coke is already flowing tonight 



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2 hours ago, bridgeman said:

I must be having one of many senior moments but the bezel seem back to front unless it counts down? Have been staring at it for a good while! 
nice watch.

Your not going mad They came with bezels fitted both ways ie counting backwards or forwards , can’t find out why but seems more common to be counting backwards 

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8 hours ago, Balaton1109 said:


I suppose the dial on today’s Newmark Crescent is one of the less boring of the original company’s output.

Even less boring, although I may be in the minority here :), is its movement, a seldom-seen variant of Newmark’s own 10.5’’’ calibre.


Newmark Crescent 33mm Newmark 10.5''' after v.2.jpg

Newmark Crescent 33mm after 3 v.2.jpg

How old is that one?

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