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Christmas Present Seiko

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Hello Everyone

This Christmas I got a very interesting gift.  A Seiko 6309-5820 - pictures below.

I could tell something wasn't quite right with it.  The case back didn't fit very well and the date clicks over at 10 o'clock rather than 12. So I went online to see if I could find any information....

And ended up here!

So much information.  After reading a few topics I asked the gift giver if they got it from India via Ebay - Answer "Yes".

I seems to keep pretty good time - loses less than 30 seconds in 24 hours - so my mission now is to "sort it out". ( I am assuming that most of the movement is genuine and the rest is "aftermarket" )

So off to the Japanese watch Forum I go...







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First off thanks to Roy from RLT for confirming that my treasured Christmas Present is indeed cobbled together from parts!  See my Introductory post Here for pictures

I am looking for some advice on what is sensible and/or possible to do with it ( if possible using more genuine parts).

Here are my thoughts so far:

Things I like about the watch

  • Its Automatic
  • I don't mind the appearance of the dial and hands
  • It keeps pretty good time

Things I Do Not like

  • The Strap is horrible ( very uncomfortable and looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker)
  • The case is obviously wrong
  • The crown is in the wrong place so the day/date ticks over at 10pm
  • The crystal looks like it is held in with double sided tape
  • The rotor is corroded / mouldy?

I assume that some(most?) of the movement is original and the rest of the components are crappy aftermarket parts.

My current plan is to obtain a new strap and genuine 6309 case then transplant the movement, dial and hands. (removing, cleaning and refitting the rotor in the process)

From my limited research this seems like a fairly straightforward thing to do with some simple tools.

Is this indeed the case or am I heading for disaster?



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I think you would find a genuine, possibly new old stock, 6309-5820 with a bit of searching and patience. The "Mumbai" specials usually cost around £45. A decent original genuine and unmolested example will cost you more than double, but unless you are a competent watchmaker and can do the work yourself, returning what you have at the moment will probably cost you much more.

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I have been taking apart and putting back together for some time. This is a cheap watch and you could "enjoy" becoming proficient by practising on this one rather than buying more expensive watches to develop expertise. I takes a long time and I find it very rewarding to eventually fix a broken one. Do not under-estimate the frustration that begins when screws, springs and etc. ping off in all directions. It is as well to find a dedicated spot for yourself with a white sheet on which, hopefully, the parts will fall. I found that a magnet was also handy to have for those bits falling on a carpet. By the way there is no genuine case as the 6309 movement will fit in all sorts of cases.


Best of luck 

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Thanks for the encouragement to "have a go". 

Progress so far:


Old case and strap swapped out for a scruffy original 8800(?) and old 20 year old spare.

Much more comfortable to wear and the case back screws up tight.

Now just need to sort out the dial after some practice removing/fitting hands...

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