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I disagree.  These are revolving discs, not a jump hour, so for 45 minutes out of every hour it is difficult to read.  I would think they had to set the watch up especially to read 10.10, as the hour disc should have been 1/6th of the way to 11 o'clock 

A proper jump hour would have been a better solution

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1 hour ago, Mart said:

It's also a fair amount of money for a 70s style watch, when a real 70s jump hour can be had for far less.

The trouble is all the 70s ones I’ve ever come across have had pin pallet movements in them.  I’m assuming this being a Yema it has a half decent jewelled pallet movement inside. I unfortunately can’t read the time on them without reading glasses on, so all the ones I’ve ever owned I’ve always moved on 

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Currently haggling with Yema directly for a 20% discount... gotta wait till tomorrow for an answer (they're sticking on 10% and a watch roll...). If I can get it at 20% off I'll take the plunge.


Only trouble is, I love both the black and the brown so I suppose I'm canvassing opinion, especially if anyones seem one in the flesh (the black looks classic but the brown seems to have some kind of iredesence?)




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I agree - I think they both look nice - but also I think its a shame they didn't go the full jump-hour route.

I also quite like like this LED one https://eu.yema.com/products/yema-led-silver-ymhf1575-am but again, they went for a 'have to press a button to see the display' route - whereas with modern LED's and batteries I'd just wish they'd went for a display that was on all the time - as its a right faff to have to press the button.

If i wasn't in a 'not buying any more watches until pandemic is over phase' then I'd probably be buying one. 

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Sorry - just realised I hadn't answered your question of Black or Brown.

I think the Black would be easier to like with - and looks quite smart. The Brown is more 70's - so from that perspective might be more 'authentic'.

I think its a shame they didn't do that in red/maroon - because that would be the colour I'd go for in one of those. 

I'd be interested to know how you get on - would I like one in my collection - YES!!!

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They wouldnt budge below 10% so right now it's a no (probably worth it still  considering the in house movement, what looks to be a decent finish and a rather lovely bracelet but I'll wait for used or further reducctions).


For me, the brown is more interesting but would it be as future proof as the black?

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I think you should buy the colour you prefer - who knows what the future holds and you’re buying it fir you ‘now’.

In respect of the price - I think it is reasonable - however, maybe wait a while and see what happens?

Oddly I couldn’t find that many reviews on it - although there are quite a few customer reviews on Yema’s site and I note a number say the figures are quite small. I also think it’s a shame the numbers aren’t lumed.

However, the more I look at it the more I like it.

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