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Omega Seamaster 1000 metre depth rating


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Well, time for an update on my quest for the truth of this watch.

I did indeed liaise with 'Omega passion', the author of the guide - the bible, some might say - about this watch and his initial, immediate response, was reasonably promising.  

There were obvious issues, the bezel was not original, but a later version produced by Omega, the hands are modern and not the original tritium. There was hope for the case, albeit heavily polished. Further pics were required in respect of the dial and obviously, sight of the inside was needed.

By this stage, I had returned to Hua Hin, which wasn't an issue as I could zoom back up to Bangkok at any time and that's what I planned to do, on Friday 26th. I had communicated to Pete the further info I wanted, including sight of the inside, via email on the 24th. He responded by phoning me the same evening and we had a very long chat about the watch, as I said previously, his English is excellent.  

Well, the upshot of that chat was that he was happy to provide the pics as requested by Omega Passion, indeed he went further, and sent three videos of the watch as well, via the Line app. But he wasn't happy about opening the watch. Similar to what Jot said above, it all has to come out the front as there isn't a traditional back and he was worried about getting it all back in again, having removed it. So I offered to pay for someone to do this. However, he stated his watchmaker was based 30km from Bkk and it was too inconvenient for him to travel there and return with the opened watch and then have to return after for it to be re-assembled. 

So based on that, I didn't bother going to Bangkok, I duly received the pics and videos and sent them all off to Omega passion for his opinion. And of course, by this stage, I still really wanted to get the okay to buy this watch.

It wasn't forthcoming. 

Clearly not being able to view the movement and case stamp to prove authenticity was a big issue. It's not fair to relay all of his comments, which were pretty blunt - lol! But he suspected that it's a watch made up of parts in Switzerland, which ties in with Pete saying he was contacted by a well known dealer in Switzerland, asking if he wanted the watch. So why no paperwork?

So yesterday, I contacted Pete to let him know I wouldn't be buying the watch and he replied that he understood and thanked me for my interest.

Anyway, here are the pics Pete sent (I couldn't upload the videos), followed by a photo I hope is okay to use, sent to me by Omega Passion of a real Omega 1000. And what a beauty it is too.

Thanks also to Artist Mike for his help and support here and via PM.

In the positive side, this has opened my eyes to a different type of watch collecting - elusive vintage watches. I wonder what else Bkk offers? Oh, and if anyone wants a real Omega Seamaster 1000 for circa 20k, let me know.........

There is a certain irony in Pete sending this first pic, comparing his watch to a photo of another. As the dial in the watch alongside his watch has a v3 dial, which has the 'swiss made' under the minute tracking at 6 o/c as can be seen. Whereas the watch I have been looking at has the v2 dial, where 'swiss made' is part of the minute tracking as you will see in later pics.







The real deal:


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Sorry, one glaring omission. The watch as it stands and assuming the movement is correct, has an approx. value of 3.5 to 4.5k (UK pound). Obviously, I am now unable to verify the movement. The dealer here was asking for the equivalent of 5.7k.

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Interesting read, shame it didn't check out better as its a great find and a good looking watch. Im guessing as tool watches these things got used damaged etc. Maybe its impossible now to find one thats not been changed etc. Its hard to know whats acceptable and not with this sort of thing and over 5 grand is to big a risk I think.

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Its probably one of those will i find another, then and i suppose thats why the seller is asking what he is. Someone will probably bite the bullet and buy it at some point. Very specialised area though and a proper minefield. 

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