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What's happening to your watch(es) when you shuffle off this mortal coil?

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I suppose my lads will each take what they want then the rest will go on fleabay, Trouble is that I collect all sorts of things, Airguns, Binoculars, Machinery, Guitars and lots of other stuff too..


 The wife said she'll order a skip for my guns!! :mad0218:



John :thumbsup:

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There will be an argument about who has to take the bin bag to the charity shop.

I was thinking of a making a scrap book / catalogue with pictures and descriptions and date of last service, and sticking numbers on the back of the watches so the kids can describe them accurately on

The way a few weeks ago that Big M wrestled my LV off my wrist as the paramedics were picking me up off the floor to put me in the ambulance left nothing to the imagination. Then she threw my coat in

It’s a very good question and something I took on board when my Father died in 2019, inherited quite a lot and bought quite a few luxury watches.

I decided to pick brands easy to offload eg Breitling,  Rolex and Tudor.

I have a spreadsheet with all my watch purchase details, together with photos and a list of places to sell them.

That way if I pop off first, my sons can pick what they want and my wife can sell the rest :)

I still have a few daily beaters eg, G shocks, Seiko, Longines, Tag Heuer - but collectively they are only worth a couple of £K and knowing me, will have flipped them in a couple of years anyway:)

The sensible thing to do in a few years (I am only mid 50’s) will be to reduce my 10 off Swiss watches to maybe 5

I would definitely keep my Breitling SuperAvenger, Rolex Deepsea Dweller, Datejust and soon to arrive Pelagos. I might then swap all the others for a Root Beer or Pepsi GMT. And then keep 3 daily beaters, a couple of quartz and one auto say?

I also have a lot of Astrophotography stuff my wife would have to sell too.

Hopefully, I would be in a situation where if my health was failing, then I would be able offload everything in good time :)

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On 20/02/2021 at 15:41, odyseus10 said:

Hopefully, I would be in a situation where if my health was failing, then I would be able offload everything in good time :)

It's a nice thought but in the case of my father, he went for an xray to determine the cause of his back ache and the doctors discovered something that looked like it could be lung cancer, he was booked in for a CT scan 10 days later but didn't make it, he died a week after his xray and hadn't put any of his affairs in order. We were left trying to work out what passwords were for what.......... it's made me sit up and take action, now I have a spreadsheet on a memory stick detailing all accounts, passwords, investments, telephone numbers etc

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On 16/02/2021 at 00:08, spinynorman said:

There will be an argument about who has to take the bin bag to the charity shop.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

I guess that the words " look at all these rubbish watches that Grandad  was hoarding" will be uttered before they are taken to the local charity shop.

Sadly some people know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.

I will not be turning in my grave about the final destination of my watches as I plan to be cremated...I am not too sure how angry a pile of dust can get. :rip_1:

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p.s.  My dad had half a dozen wristwatches, and gave me and my bro his gold watches a while before his final shuffle, on the basis that he wouldn't be wearing his DJ any more, but that's a bit different to hoping someone else will appreciate an old 33mm Zim Chapaev! 

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