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It's not for me, I like to know what watch i'm buying not be sent some unknown watch I may or may not like, most of the watches I've seen sent from watchgang on Youtube I would never have wanted to buy anyway, plus although there may be an odd bargains, most of the watches are from brands that get their watches made in China and then saddle them with ridiculous RRPs, so when you get one on watchgang (or heavily discounted from some other retailer like TV Shopping Channels etc) at some cheap tier subscription it appears you've been sent a a bargain, when in truth you haven't.

It would take all the joy out of watch collecting, hunting after watches you like, at a price you can afford etc etc.

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I’ve heard good and bad reviews. The problem I have is that add up the cost over 12 months and you could get a few really nice pieces for the same price as 12 crappy ones. Even the base level at £50 a month...that’s £600 a year....


....maybe I’m being a killjoy but I’m wary of these schemes....they don’t set up these things to lose money, so either they get watches incredibly cheaply or send you mainly rubbish with a couple of decent watches 

This is a review (done by the watch gang so it’s going to be biased) and I’ve only ever heard of 3 brands out of the 12....see if you can google the pieces and work out the costs if you bought them individually 


Here’s a balanced review from Scottish Watches....worth a read 


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45 minutes ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

Its a bit of fun I guess for those with some free disposable who like a "surprise"  

Sort of like downing six cans of super lager and shouting abuse at some large men with bald heads and tattoo's. 

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So after a year I will have 12 crap watches, or if some of them are not crap, chances are I won’t like the dial, or the case, or the movement, or the strap, or....no thanks, I think this subscription is a terrible idea. 

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