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cull complete - carnage more like :laughing2dw: - down to 6 again :OyVey:



the cull saw 3 out in 2 days :jawdrop1: ... but that leaves a couple of spaces to fill (and no , no messing about with my 3 boxes of cufflinks)

no hurry to buy , not sure exactly what to get yet but as ever in no hurry. something slightly dressy (no dive nor chrono and unlikely to be quartz) 


stay safe peeps 


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Some great watches there, something for every occasion. I hope to condense down to about 6 watches maybe one day, seems like a good amount of watches to own. but I keep seeing new watches that I like!  Love the Marinemaster, looks fantastic! What model is the other Seiko? I personally would probably lose one of the G-Shocks, but saying that I have two. One like a beater and the others a mega beater!

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On 27/02/2021 at 12:44, Roxyben said:

 Love the Marinemaster, looks fantastic! What model is the other Seiko? I personally would probably lose one of the G-Shocks, but saying that I have two. One like a beater and the others a mega beater!

it is an SRP025 - with the 4R15A - no hacking but a ridiculously good time keeper. the bracelet on this one is also one of the best i have ever seen on a seiko - ok normally that isnt saying much but this is the only seiko that i have left on the metal rather than a rhino or rubber'esque strap including the MM.

doing a SOTC was a bit tounge in cheek as have always said i am not a collector. :huh:

re the g shocks i just fancied a change in work watch ; mainly as i found the 5610 buttons too fiddly. that said i like it too much to get rid of it just yet.

On 25/02/2021 at 21:24, GASHEAD said:

A half empty watch box makes for a bit of a depressing sight, but just look at the potential! Time to start the hunt...

have had a lot of watches in the last dozen or so years - i enjoy buying and dont mind flipping.  it tends not to be a hunt , more an occasional impulse buy.

the timex was dads - that is the only true keeper. the MM is great - bought pre loved near mint its a great not work everyday wear.

the g shocks are just plain the best bang for buck multifunctional properly accurate and precise  beaters available. 

the tag is a quartz bi metal bit of bling - my first proper watch - ie it was expensive at the tine. quartz analogue no longer floats my boat really , but this one is probably staying the course. 

and that just leaves the other seiko.



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My biggest problem is work. I need to register a watch to enter secure areas. I also need something bang on accurate and cheap as it stands a good chance of getting damaged. Thus 4 or 5 days a week it's a G. So there are only 2 or 3 days a week for a proper horological wallet killer. 

We don't do the black tie stuff any more so high end dress watches are superfluous. So back to the old stalwarts of GS and Omega for something smart casual. Ideas ? 

I didn't wear  a GMT when traveling and they are about as useful as moon phase - so that's a no ! Non digital chronographs are just not my thing - as an almost retired engineer I do occasionally use down timers and stopwatch functions but again the casinos got that covered.

No idea where I will go next. Perhaps that's half the fun.




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