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The theatre of a watch box

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There's many things to love about watches, the chase, the research, the haggle, admiring them, the movement, the aesthetics, strap & bracelets, clasps (i love a hood clasp!) and not least of all, wearing the thing!

Sounds daft but how much of the enjoyment or theatre is from the box? Its certainly part of the buzz of a new acquisition!

As the forum may know, i have a few Oris and the boxes are nice enough but card based things, a rado and again the box is again nice but average, a lovely black high gloss Tudor box (not what I'd hope for on a £2.5k watch), a decent pelicase from Certina, a brutally functional and hight quality Unimatic pelicase , a lovely but small wooden box from Hamilton, a pleasant enough Armida dive tube., nice enough watch rolls on some micros.. but all lack the theatre of some of the boxes seen.


I'll dig a few of the more palatable ones out when time allows but lets see your boxes with a bit of "WOW factor"!



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I've boxes of all descriptions from wood to cardboard, but one of my favourites is this one. It's the one for the Omega X-33, and it's made out of the material used for NASA astronauts' spacesuits. The only problem with it is that it is notorious for yellowing under the effects of ultraviolet light, so to keep it looking nice you have to hide it away in the original white outer box that it comes in and only look at it at nighttime ... :biggrin:


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I keep all the boxes as well, although most are nice enough, they are fairly generic.

These are one which i suppose the brands have put a bit more effort into providing something different from the generic cardboard/ faux leather watch boxes.

Certina DS PH200M


Vostok Europe Dry box



and some wooden boxes


And not sure if this counts, but a Rotary which came in watch winder rather than a box


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Not really too important to me, it is nice when the watch does come in nice packaging but essentially they just get chucked up into the loft with the rest of the boxes. Guess they are really important factor in resale though so all of mine are kept just in case. The box my omega came in was impressive, almost overkill!

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I love boxes! The best box I have is for the dark side of the moon. The Aerowatch box was nice as well. The new Chris Ward box is very big and long and like one of those Russian dolls that need taking apart before you get to whatever. When you finally get to the watch its dwarfed by everything else.





The epic CW watch box opening!














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Don’t do all that much for me if I’m honest. The only one I have kept was from Tissot - my first automatic and it came with a fairly nice presentation style box and two books about the history of the brand tucked into a compartment underneath. For a bit of a history geek buying their first automatic ‘proper’ watch, I thought it was quite cool.

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44 minutes ago, WRENCH said:

Better give you a like for that as well. :thumbsup:

Do you have any 50's era boxes ? Nothing I have from then has come with a box/papers etc.

Thank you!


The TREBEX & box is 1956.

This one is 1953...


This is Circa 1920...



Have some more somewhere :hmmm9uh:



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