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Tuesday 2nd WRUW?

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Morning, still a little dark for the picture, but Elliot Brown 38mm today.



With handset upgrade.

The date used to change a couple of minutes before midnight, but I fixed that too so it snicks over on the button.

Fingers crossed it stays waterproof!


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I won a job lot of ladies mechanical watches, as there was a Seiko 5 in the lot that I wanted - a white faced version of one I already have and like.  There are some interesting pieces in there.  The reliability of some is questionable.  But there is more than enough in there to feel that I got a bargain. The first one I cleaned up was this Regus, which there doesn't seem to be much info out there about.  I've seen some very nice watches by them, made by Hafner - but whilst this looks stylistically similar, it is a very cheaply made watch - the back just says 'base metal, Swiss'.  I suspect by the numerals that it's from the 70s - the leather strap was brittle and it has a very thin plastic 'glass'.  But it has a nice positive wind and it has worked overnight and is still right this morning.  Took the photo yesterday, but am still wearing it today.

The Seiko 5 ended up being exactly the same as the one I already have, it was just an over-exposed photo - but it's pristine - it really doesn't feel as though it's ever been worn - the bracelet is very out-of-the-box long and still matt and the links stiff - hasn't polished to a satiny shine like my other and there's not a mark on the glass or bezel and the back is completely clean.  So, on balance, it's still a win.

There's also a nice GP Avia with a seconds sub-dial, which has polished up nicely, but gains an enormous amount - at least 5 minutes an hour, which is a shame, I was looking forward to that one, it would be a wearer.  I might have a tinker at some time.


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This was losing a minute or so a day so, having invested in a device for removing the back of watches, I have spent the past couple of days messing about with its regulator to see if I could improve things. Yesterday lunchtime, after quite a few attempts, it seemed to have reached some sort of equilibrium so I tightened up the back and kept an eye on it. I set it 8 seconds slow at 1.42pm yesterday and this morning it is 5 seconds slow. That'll do for me.

Quite clearly, it is now a superlative chronometer...

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Morning all, working from home until 

have a safe one ..came downstairs with no watch on .. dropped the boy off logged in .. and found this sat next to me in my bits and bobs box..  strap change and breath 


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3 hours ago, Jet Jetski said:


Thank you!  I didn't understand what the affect of being magnetised would do to watch functionality (I understood the principle), so a bit of reading later and I see that it's a distinct possibility.  I dug out a compass to test it and it does appear to be magnetised, so that might hopefully be the culprit - certainly worth finding out.

Out of interest, I tested all the watches in the same lot and even some of the ones keeping good time are even more magnetised (if the amount the compass moves is a reliable indicator) than the Avia.  Every day is a school day - thank you.

@Bow - I know what you mean, the latest lot of watches I've bought are certainly cheaper than the straps I have in mind for them - and I'm not even buying good ones!

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