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Watch strap spacers, are these available?

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I am awaiting a Vostok coming which has a 22mm lug width and ive read the strap that comes with it is very short. 

I have a few really nice leather straps but they are nearly all 20mm and a couple of 18mm so I have an eye on a 22mm for the Vostok but then this occured to me:

If you could buy small alloy 'donuts' you could slide at the end of the spring pins you could neatly use smaller straps on a bigger lug width within reason, 18mm on 20mm lug, 20mm on 22mm lug etc. 

This could even become a colour coding decoration, different metals, different colours, even movement jewels could be used. 

I know you can do the original james bond nato thing with a space each side but it looks unprofessional, cant believe for all the gadgets he gets they couldnt supply him with a correct watch strap size.

Should I market this idea and make my millions or is something like this available?

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Yeah I'm in agreement with Rotundus, just can't see this looking anything but awful even if such a thing does exist. Straps can be had relatively cheaply so I'm sure you'll find a great pairing for your Vostok. 

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I've done the spacer thing with the leather "plugs" that are left over when using a punch. Use the punch first make the small hole for the spring bar, then centralize the larger punch over the small hole and you've got a perfect flexible spacer that is easy to fit.

Use one of these.


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41 minutes ago, Dilly said:

ah so im not completly mental then. 

any pics of a watch with said leather donuts?


Here, I've just (roughly) made a couple up. The lug width is 22mm with an 18mm strap fitted. To colour the spacers dip them in molten shoe polish.


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Bravo WRENCH, brilliant. 

Remember those elastic bracelets as kids that the ice cream van would sell and you could bight off the little candy donuts as you wanted and leave a sticky mess round your wrist. I reckon a couple of them each side of the watch and a para cord strap on a tool watch would be the perfect survival tool. :thumbsup:

all good fun. 



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