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Two WatchShop Own Brands: Slipstream and Locksley London

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I thought I would just give a heads-up introduction to a couple of WatchShop own brands in this topic. WatchShop sometimes sells watches from certain companies on an “exclusive” basis, and their own brand items are really an extension of this policy, with some of these own brand watches being sold elsewhere other than by WatchShop. The two brands I am looking at here are Slipstream and Locksley London, both of which comprise watches designed by/for WatchShop and powered by (probably all Japanese) quartz movements. Please note that because this is an introductory topic, I have provided an assortment of pictures taken from different versions of the models under discussion in order to provide a taster of the four model collections. Obviously, for those who wish to pursue these brands further can go online and check them out in greater detail.




The Slipstream GT Chronograph (three pics from thewatchhut.co.uk and, below, three pics from watchshop.com):












 Slipstream is currently the home of two chronograph models - the Aero and the GT. Neither of these models is particularly original in design, being firmly based on two classic watch types - the Aero being an “aviator” design and the GT being modelled on chronograph watches designed with motor sport in mind. Both models feature 42 mm X 12 mm stainless steel cases, flat screw-down casebacks, and a simple date feature, and each comes in four different colourways/versions. The basic specifications for the Slipstream watches are as follows:


The Aero: Stainless steel case with rotating inner slide rule bezel. mineral glass crystal, and water resistance at a stated 50 metres; lume is not mentioned in the specifications given by WatchShop, but an examination of the pictures indicates to me that only the main hands of the watch are lumed. No details are given by WatchShop about the chronograph function, but I believe that the three registers are for chronograph hours, minutes and seconds. The Aero is available in four colourways and has a cutaway leather strap fixed by a pin buckle. The prices vary from £79 for the plain steel case/black dial/tan strap version to £99 for the all-black case, dial and strap version, but these prices are reduced by a substantial 25% using the WatchShop discount code.

The GT: Stainless steel case with glossy tachymeter bezel. Sapphire crystal, and water resistance at a stated 100 metres; the model features lumed hour markers and hands. As with the Aero, no details are provided for the chronograph function of the GT, but it appears that the register at 3 o’clock is a twenty-four-hour indicator while the chronograph itself uses a minutes register (at 9 o’clock) and the centre sweep hand for chronograph seconds; the movement may well be a Miyota caliber 0S21. This model comes in four different versions: rose gold plated and black with black leather perforated strap; plain steel case with black dial and bezel, and perforated black leather strap; plain steel case with black dial and bezel, but with stainless steel bracelet; and lastly, plain steel with blue dial and bezel, and stainless steel bracelet. Prices range from £76.30 for the plain steel and black dial and bezel leather strap version up to £96.75 for the blue dial and bezel version with stainless steel bracelet. Once again, the WatchShop code can reduce these prices by 25%.


The Locksley London brand essentially reproduces a particular classic style of dress watch that goes way back, with a machine patterned dial and chapter ring aesthetic. As in the case of the Slipstream brand, there are currently two models to choose from, both of them quartz. There is a three-hand timekeeper with a simple date feature, and a more complex model with full calendar and moonphase indicator, both of which have a 40 mm stainless steel case (X 9/10 mm thick depending on model), leather pin-buckle strap, mineral glass crystal, and 50 metres water resistance. The movement powering the multifunction Locksley London watch is probably the Epsom SII caliber VX3F. Each model comes in three colourways: plain steel case and bezel, yellow gold plated case and bezel, and rose gold plated case and bezel. Prices for the simple three hand and date model range from £49.99 for the plain steel colourway up to £69.99 for the rose gold plated colourway. The multifunction calendar watch ranges in price from £79.99 for the plain steel colourway up to £99.99 for the rose gold plated version. As with the Slipstream watches discussed above, using the WatchShop discount code reduces these prices by 25%.




Slipstream Aero chronograph (pics from watchshop.com):










When it comes to assessing the Slipstream and Locksley London brands, there isn’t a great deal to discuss about the styling of the various models and as for the quality of the watches I am assuming that they are up to scratch. In terms of price, I have only provided details of prices currently being offered for the Slipstream and Locksley London watches on the WatchShop website. Without the extra 25% discount being offered by WatchShop, the Slipstream and Locksley London watches do not offer spectacular value for money for the purchaser who shops around in today’s somewhat friable marketplace. However, with the 25% discount code in place, some of these own brand WatchShop watches represent pretty decent value for money. I personally would not myself opt for the most expensive versions/colourways of Locksley London and Slipstream watches if purchasing any one of these models; plain steel and a leather strap would be fine for me. Of all four models in the combined Slipstream and Locksley London brands, the real winner as far as I am concerned is the cheapest option in the GT chronograph collection - plain steel and black dial colourway with the black leather strap. At £57.22 (with discount code applied) this watch seems to represent good value for money, especially if, like me, you favour leather straps.

 NOTE: All prices are for the WatchShop UK website (watchshop.com) and are correct as at 5 April 2021. 



 Locksley London timepiece (three pics from watchshop.com):







Locksley London multifunction watch (four pics from watchshop.com):






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Those are shocking.

Slipstream look like a ripped off amalgamation of Accurist and Sekonda with some Rotary for good measure. The Locksley stuff looks like a rip off of the higher end Rotary/Dreyfuss watches. 

Rotary are not particularly well known for original designs, they "borrow" elements from lots of other brands to create their stuff. Imagine a brand so unoriginal that they nick rotary watch designs!!! 

These are poor. Not only are they bad looking watches, they are not even close to original.  

Who actually wants WatchShop original watches?  Nobody, I'd wager.

Not only will I not buy them, I'll try my very best not to buy from WatchShop again. That's how bad these are. :biggrin:

2 hours ago, Always"watching" said:


When it comes to assessing the Slipstream and Locksley London brands, there isn’t a great deal to discuss about the styling of the various models and as for the quality of the watches I am assuming that they are up to scratch. 



What an incredibly dangerous "assumption".  Based on what, may I ask? Consumer reviews or personal experience?

Apologies Honor, I enjoy your topics, but that is a very risky statement unless you've handled these watches - I presume not?   It's tantamount to reviewing a product for others to buy which you've never actually tested.  

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In response to what does seem to be a somewhat unwarranted and overly vehement attack that verges on the personal, Kev @kevkojak, I would say the following:

I made it absolutely clear that my article was only an INTRODUCTION to these two brands, and because of that, I felt able to make the assumption of a certain degree of quality in the watches and, more importantly, I had the honesty to state that this was an assumption and not based on handling the watches. The tenor of my topic was that the topic was a first look at the watches prior to anyone interested in them pursuing this for themselves. Your opinions about the originality of the Slipstream and Locksley London watches to a great extent match my own, which I give in my topic, but I do not feel hysterical about this lack of originality because the watch market is chocabloc with homage watches and watches that are heavily influenced by styles and characteristics of watches produced by other firms, and we accept on this Forum that such watches are fine and enjoyed by many people as long as they don't enter the realm of fakes. I do worry that your vehemence destroyed the interesting points that you might have made, and certainly it has alienated myself somewhat as it feels condescending. Going back to your argument about my assumption that the Slipstream and Locksley London watches are of reasonable quality, I presume that you yourself have actually handled Slipstream and Locksley London watches, given your attack on my comment about their assumed quality, although I note that you only dwell on their lack of originality and closeness to Rotary and Dreyfuss watches rather than offering any evidence as to their quality. I myself was aware of the closeness in design of the Slipstream and Locksley London to certain Rotary and Dreyfuss models, and it is interesting to note that not only does WatchShop continue to sell Rotary watches, but also it has retailed certain Rotary models on an exclusive basis. I wonder how Rotary view the Slipstream and Locksley London watches - perhaps the Slipstream and Locksley London watches actually emanate from the same sources as Rotary's own watches. 



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I've got to say, those Slipstream bi-compax examples are exactly the type of thing I would've been gifted by my parents as a younger man and I would've been chuffed with any of them. 

I'm wearing a Heuer Autavia tri-compax as I type and no one who is unfamilier with watches in there right mind would say one is 100x the price of the other. 

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Looking at that Locksley London watch (with date) my guess it that the movement is absolutely tiny...Miyota 2115 possibly.

I've never been a fan of big watches with tiny movements, but I am sure that owners of the Casio Duro/Marlin get a bit of a shock when it is time to change the battery in what is a bit of a beast of a watch.

Personally I wouldn't ever think of buying a watch from Watchshop, and the Slipstream, and Locksley are not my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing though, always good to see what's new.

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3 hours ago, Always"watching" said:

In response to what does seem to be a somewhat unwarranted and overly vehement attack that verges on the personal, Kev @kevkojak, I would say the following:



That was not a vehement attack on you AW, it was relatively mild. Apologies if my annoyance spilled over. My anger was directed at the uninspired cheap cash-in of these watches, which as I say appear to be a knock-off of a knock-off.  Its frustrating, a company with this reach could have taken a few risks rather than such a... safe?... option.

My only issue with your article stemmed from your guesswork at these being of high quality.  Neither of us have handled the watches, however I didn't make assumptions about their build quality in a thread on a watch forum, which as I say is setting a rather dangerous precedent. Do you disagree?  It's a rather exaggerated example but would you buy sausages reviewed by a vegetarian? 

I thoroughly enjoy your writings and meanderings honor but I have to strongly oppose guesswork. I do appreciate that you review from shop sites and other Internet articles rather than hands on experience, but it's risky to fill in the gaps by making presumptions just because WatchShop are a known quantity in the watch world.  Looking at the styling and price point I'd be very reluctant to assume anything other than "quick and cheap" for the build, but I'm open to hearing the experiences of an owner. 

I hope I've not offended you too deeply, again to reiterate my irritation is just at these being launched as such an uninspired "new" watch brand when a company with this weight behind it could have pushed something really fresh. 

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2 minutes ago, kevkojak said:

I hope I've not offended you too deeply

But a little mantra does spring to mind - After years of telling me that I look like dad, somebody told me a couple of days ago that I now remind them of our paternal grandfather   -  Is it true? Is it necessary?  Is it kind? :laughing2dw:

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I am very careful when writing reviews of current watches, and I endeavour to give opinions only when I have sufficient material on which to base them. I am not in the privileged position of having access to watches for review, but feel that it would be a shame not to keep Forum members abreast of those new watches which may be of particular interest. You did not deeply offend me by your remarks about my "guesswork", Kevin (kevkojak), but I do think that you have milked to death that point about my assumption for the purposes of my topic that the Slipstream and Locksley London watches are of reasonable quality. I also am aware that if we are not careful, we can on the Forum steer perilously close to a patronizing or condescending attitude towards those of us who enjoy and purchase inexpensive watches, especially quartz examples.  You yourself, Kev, have been somewhat guilty of that offence in your post here above where you condemn the quality of Slipstream and Locksley London watches out of hand because of their "price point", which in your view automatically rubbishes them as nothing other than worthless "quick and cheap for the build" items. As an example to make my feelings clear, I am aware that you are an expert on Seiko, Kevin, and that brand receives much favourable attention, but there is nothing wrong with liking and collecting the Seiko-related Lorus watches; we all know that they are budget items, but that doesn't necessarily diminish them as worthy of consideration on the Forum. And as for originality of design, so many companies - some of them highly respected and producers of high quality watches - stick to a formula in fear of losing sales by going outside the box, that to condemn WatchShop wholesale because of the unoriginality of their Slipstream and Locksley London watches seems overly churlish. I finally must just add that your argument about guesswork and making assumptions falls down flat because you yourself have made a similar if opposite assumption to the one I made about Slipstream and Locksley London watches when you, too, have never handled one of these watches. 

As a final note, I never bear grudges and feel no animosity with regard to the debate on this thread. If we all agreed with each other on every point, the Forum would become a boring and lifeless place.:)






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