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Easy fix?



Yes I know.. "..of course there isn't, get it serviced!"

But heres me, poor, with a watch I love and that watch probably isn't worth the money of the postage to the watchmaker and definitely not worth the service (even if i could afford it).

If it gets broken more then that's just that, broken now, broken later. So I don't mind trying out some crazy stuff. I know some tricks might just give it a little more life (like removing steel strings from your guitar and boiling them to liven them up a little and give them zing! - and no, I'm not going to boil my watch).

Speaking to my friend he told me to warm it on the radiator and see if that kicks it into life. Nope! Giving it a hard whack! - not tried that.. yet.

Its a hand wind, 1970s at a guess..

Anyone got any crazy ideas to try? I honestly will not hold anyone responsible for their suggestion if it all goes horribly wrong.

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I've been searching around and the only thing I've found is a petrol dip. The advice on that is "don't do it!!!" from everyone that seems to know anything about watches. Seemingly it melts the glue that holds the crystals inside and the watch goes crunch!

Now its either "the bin" or one last thing. Soooo.. the friend who suggested heating it has said my radiators may not be hot enough and suggested wrapping it in a baggie and giving it a boil dunk. 

He's  suggesting that because its old, the oil has hardened inside it and stuck it and the heat might melt that part thats stuck but does warn that the heat might deform the tiny little spring inside. 

Well its either that or the bin and since I don't have any other options.. wish me luck. I'll try it tonight.

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I have heard that placing a watch on the rad does work. I myself have brought watches back to life by putting lighter fluid on an ear bud then touch the jewels with it. Don't drown it though.

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I don't know if anyone knows what this is.. no, not the movement, my condition. See.. I have something called "essential tremors". 

Basically I have shaky hands etc.. if I try to do something that needs precision then it becomes tenfold. 

Can I cut a slice of cheese with a sharp knife, yes.. but it probably will have a bit of finger included. I prefer bracelets because straps have little holes in them that need a few minutes to coordinate everything.

Taking the back off of my watch for a photo was, shall we say "problematic" and I needed help to put it 'loosely' back on. 

Anyway.. here it is and it seems that someone has been playing around with it before I got it (judging by the state of the screw heads).

So I've managed to take the strap off and it can live in my junk drawer until I clean out the drawer. Thats sad really because its a decent Swiss made watch (I think). But at the end of the day.. bye bye, miss you. large.20210410_222535.jpg.f2dcb48ddcbde271f3da248b70e09886.jpg

I've no idea what this is but.. 

A watch tells the time, when it doesn't anymore.. its a bangle. 

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