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Monday 12 APRIL WRUW?

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I reached in to my case this morning for this..

The minute hand is bent, the date doesn't change, the bracelet is a bad ebay fake Boctok. It's quartz and I think it looses about 2 minutes a day.. it's my brown little ragged eared mongrel and will chase the blues away.


Have a Happy Monday folks. 

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Unrecorded in the Mikrolisk database but not a completely unknown brand, this 1950s Tusal with its 15j Arogno 120 gets an airing today.

More modern-styled examples of a Tusal brand are known, but with a different wordmark, perhaps suggesting that the original name became dormant and was then revived in more recent times.


Tusal before 2 v.3.jpg

Tusal Arogno 120 before 2 v.3.jpg

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I would guess that many will see this as a plain, boring watch, but it has a special meaning to me.

My Grandmother left some money to all of the grand kids when she passed 18 months ago, and I used it to purchase this after a long deliberation over which watch I would buy to remember her.


Yes it is a bit plain, and I would imagine that if you had 100 kids draw a watch 95+ would draw my Frederique Constant, but it is beautiful in its simplicity in my opinion.EA4VXlK.jpg

I don't know much about movements, but this either has a decent movement or I got lucky with a very well performing poor movement, as the accuracy is excellent, easily in line or better than some of my more expensive watches.


I love the smooth profile, a little like my datejust from the side, it has that feel that it was sculpted from something larger rather than just machined.


Whilst I do like a display back to be able to see the movement, this watch has a solid back that makes it feel like its engine is a secret between me and it.


It is my Frederique Constant Classic, and the name is exactly right and fitting in my opinion, it will be a keeper and remain with me forvere.



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1 hour ago, antjrice said:

Chilly morning but at least the snow has stopped! 


Squale 30 ATMOS GMT 

Wow... this green GMT dial is phenomenal, :notworthy:  I love it   :thumbs_up:

Too much bored at home, I tried to make a canvas strap for my blue dial, made of 6 rolled layers of Levis jean LoL... I used the same light orange colour of the Levis jean stitching, but with a super solid 2mm kevlar tread :)





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51 minutes ago, rhaythorne said:

@Jet Jetski Are you still hibernating?  It's April, not February!

No one else commemorating the anniversary of Juri Gagarin's inaugural space flight today?

Poljot Sturmanskie Juri Gagarin 40th Anniversary Edition


Sorry it was -3 on my thermometer and felt like February!  Slight error there in choosing my auto-complete post title.  My best Gagarinskie has been re-homed, and my second best is being serviced.

I have changed into an old watch though.  Ca. 1938 Audax Fortissimo, Fortis signed hand-winding bumper.


LET'S GO BACK IN TIME ... !  :laugh:

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