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Larsson & Jennings?

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What is people's view on them.

I have always quite liked the look of some of their watches, classic and minimalist, but have not (yet) seen one in real life. I understood (not sure from where I originally absorbed this information as fact, and it might be rubbish) that they were a cheap watch / movement packaged up to try and appear more high end than it really is (like anything at Watch Gang).

However, I have just picked up, at a very low price, one of their automatics (their first according to my little google search), partly because it looks a bit different and I thought it might be an interesting change of flavour (and shape):



I've bought second hand (but appears genuinely unworn) and it has cost me £100, so no great loss if it turns out to be disappointing, but interested in anyone else's thoughts, and especially anyone else's experience if they have had an L&J watch in the past or currently in their collection.

This is te only article I found on them: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/larsson-jennings-first-mechanical-watch-collections-introducing

(I also found a link to this about how the likes of Larsson & Jennings set up: https://imgur.com/a/6CNO8 :laughing2dw:

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I have an L&J quartz, purchased several years ago from the Liberty store in London. Bought more for its looks rather than the quality and even though it doesn't get much wrist time, it still works fine.

I think you will be OK and the price paid is good.

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2 hours ago, PaulBoy said:

The one you have bought is nice enough & I'd probably wear it as a formal watch, but I wouldn't even consider one for more than you paid (their own shop sells it new for £169?)


I think that's the quartz.

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Probably should have posted this here instead of the WRUW thread:

Adie the postie just delivered my Larsson & Jennings, so time for a switch, and then some first impressions:


I'm surprised by how smart and comfortable the square dial is, not my usual preferrence by any stretch, but the textured dial is nice, and I don't currently have any other sub second dial watches, so its nice to have one in the group.


An interesting take on the display back, just showing part of the movement, which I think is quite smart, although my first thought was "this doesn't look like an automatic (which is what it was listed as on EBay). The watch came in its original inner and outer box (a very nice box too, which is a big tick from me because I'm the kind of idiot that likes the boxes even though they just get stashed in a drawer). and was clearly unworn as it had a fixed tag that needed to be cut off.

Having had a little play, it is a manual wind rather than an automatic, which is not a big deal but a bit of a pain as I'll invariably need to either remember to wind it each day or reset it each time I wear it, but like I said, its not a deal breaker.

A nice strap, signed clasp, crown and case side and a surprise bargain at £120 delivered (with the original £1,195 RRP stickers still on the outer box).

From what I had always taken as a fashion / department store watch brand, I have to say that I am pretty impressed and will stick with it a while to see how it goes.


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8 hours ago, SolaVeritate said:

You should post it in the "Members Owners Club" section. 

Its a nice timepiece.

Done, but had to start my own club of one!


What's is that saying about being a member of a club that would have me as a member?


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