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Thursday wear...


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And now, for the day watch* were going for a comfortable CW C65 diver


My mad morning routine involves getting up and chucking last nights jeans and a first watch, whilst gradually increasing the rate and volume I shout at the kids to be ready for school.

As we get 20 minutes from the time we need to leave (so 30 minutes from the time we will leave) for school, I have a quick s%#t, shave and shower, then pick the watch and outfit for the day.

The excellent gallery option allows me to post pics direct on the go (literally in the case of my first post of the day) and also my second one during the period of the day I call "now take a breath", that moment back in the car, all kids at school and a few precious seconds before the days work begins.....


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Smiths Expedition on RIOS Typhoon which has a sharp width change about 1" from the lugs it cuts in from 20mm to 18mm. I love this set up as to me anway it looks and feels truly vintage but in a new modern no worries package. Any non watch people I know that ask think its ancient. I like the rivet bracelet that comes with it aswell so it might be time for a change back soon. 

Appologies for photo quality I just cant get it right with my phone. 



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I got frustrated with trying to find a totally authentic Citizen bullhead in decent condition and bought this instead. In its favour, it doesn't look like its been run over by a truck and left in a rubbish dump for ten years, didn't cost a fortune and didn't have to come from Venezuela. On the downside, the caseback was changed, so I can't date it. On a Fluco Hunter Racing Green Strap.

Citizen 8110 Bullhead


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1 hour ago, Graham60 said:

Morning :)

Dreyfuss & Co '1925 Series' (Cal: Sellita SW 200)


You always seem to take such an amazing picture.

I wish I had known of you before I renewed my passport a few weeks back so I didn't have to look like Shrek for the next 10 years of travel!


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Russian Speedmaster for me,



2 hours ago, SolaVeritate said:

This was needing a charge.. I might swap it later.


Looking at the old photo.. it's been 2 weeks since I wore this and the capacitor died last night. 14 days.. that's not good :hmmm9uh:

The first kinetics did only have a PR of 7 - 14 days, now with advances in batteries and efficiency I believe they can be up to 4 yrs.  It takes a lot of swinging to fully charge one, too.  Or a toothbrush charger.  I would have thought yours originally would have been about 3 months.

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This odd couple from the Far East...


CITIZEN BLUE EAGLE,NH6600-54FB & PARNIS 587 (both Miyota cal. 8200 series, 21 Jewels)




Btw, if anyone is interested the  bezel on the Parnis is fixed/non rotatable

I did say they were odd, I dont` mind, I like em :biggrin:

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