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Spinnaker vs Ventus

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Postie brought two new watches to me today, they are both similar automatic divers, both microbrands and (Although the Spinnaker was new and the Ventus second hand) they cost me broadly the same amount, so I thought I'd review them together in a "watch deathmatch" to decide which I prefer.

So here we have the "Ventus Mori Diver V2" vs the "Spinnaker Spence SP-5063-01".

RRP they come in at around the same £220-£230. Both have the Seiko NH35 movement, both 14mm deep, both have screw down crowns and matt dials and bezels, the Spinnaker is 42mm compared to 41mm for the Ventus, whilst the lug-to-lug on them is the other way around 48mm on the Ventus to the Spinnakers 47mm.

The Ventus is a domed Sapphire compared to the flat mineral glass on the Spinnaker, the Spinkkaer is 316L steel whilst my version of the Ventus is brass.

So they arrived, and whilst neither win "watch box of the year", first thoughts are the Ventus takes a 1-nil lead


Ventus double their advantage with stage 2 of the packaging, a nice watch roll compared to a fairly uninspiring two-piece cardboard box:



Side by side, there are plenty of obviously similarities, and some noticeable differences to:



Apologies for the blurry front photo (I did take it over the South Atlantic!). The simple, minimal sandwich dial on the Ventus has a little more class for me than the fairly standard face of the Spence, and whilst I liked the bezel on the Spinnaker in the pictures I'd seen online, there is a slight fealing of the printer running out of ink during production about it.

Solid caseback vs display case, comes down to personal preference I'll lean towards the Spinnaker to try and close the score gap a little.

Both Bezels are good in motion, sensible solid clicks with minimal play, but I do prefer the more tradtional fully numbered Ventus bezel, both are matt finish and both are lumed.



Being microbrands, there is little in the way of paperwork, just a card with each. The Ventus came on a nice rubber tropic (unbranded) and the (presumably original) brown leather/bronze clasp strap. The Spinnaker came on a simple black leather strap that (as with my previous Spinnaker, the Bradner compressor) is about as thick as your wrist.

Wrist shots: Up first (although still tailing on the scorecards) the Spinnaker, under clear blue skies the matt black dial reflected nicely (I actually wonder if a blue dial version would appeal to me a little more than the black)



Coming back inside and locking myself briefly in the loo, the lume came up very well


But that thick (far too thick and far too solid) leather strap was just not comfortable, I switched over to a CW hybrid for a try of something different which improved the watch in my opinion, and also tried the grey / black NATO which I think works best with the matt black dial and bezel overall:





So on to a little wrist action for the Ventus




And back in the loo for the lume shot...



Overall, the Ventus wins this overall by a lot more than should be possible against such a similar watch.

Rightly or wrongly, the Ventus feels like a watch made by someone that loves watches and liked the idea of being in business, where as the Spinnaker feels like it was made by someone that loves business and quite liked the idea of watches.

The Spinnaker seems to go so far and then just settle, whilst the Ventus feels like it has a little more passion behind it.

Both join the collection for now, but the Ventus will likely out stay the Spinnaker by some distance.

If you are still here and reading, you are now probably late for whatever you had planned this afternoon, and for that, I am extremely sorry.




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9 minutes ago, AVO said:

Although I’m not particularly keen on either bronze or dive watches, the Wind definitely wins it over the Sail.

First Brass I've ever had (in all meanings!).


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The spinnaker. 

Its less fussy on the bezel and seems the easiest to quick glance. Sure, the strap seems less icky (but I don't like either and prefer metal) on the ventus but most people swap for preferred. 

Brass seems cool because its unusual i guess but you have it in your mind to choose this over these two and not as a peice in your whole collection. 

They may have arrived together but choosing one over the other sounds a bit daft. Choose them both against your collection.. then keep them both.

You ordered the two of them so that probably means you liked both for different reasons. 


You forgot to test.. "will it blend?"

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Just now, SolaVeritate said:

Well at least you are thorough. 

So which pile of dust will you keep?

:laughing2dw: Looks like a watch worn by Spiderman in Infinity War!


I'm keeping both for now, have ordered a couple of straps for the Spinnaker to try and get the best of it. I still like it and the Ventus, just first impressions thus far favour the Brass.

I have room left for 1 more Auto and 1 more quartz/hand winding watch, but hardly any budget left to fill those two spots in the boxes, so all will be staying for a while yet.

Once I sell the big black Tempore Lux, that will fund one more in (probably an Auto) and then I'll just get a tight budget quartz or vintage hand wind to cover the final cushion.

Then just live with the collection as is for a while and enjoy them (until the next time I go through a slightly mad buying and selling spree to freshen things up and move things on).


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Nice write up. :thumbsup:

I have seen Spinnakers I like, but not this one.

I have always liked the design of Ventus watches and I like a bit of brass on a watch - I have two - so the Ventus is a clear winner for me. Not that I plan on buying one.

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Good review, I think I'm with you prefering the Ventus, at least on looks. I would say I prefer watches without a lot of writing on the dial, but I've just bought one that says "21 Rubis Automatic Incabloc", none of which is very useful information to have at a glance. :crazy5vh:

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Thanks for taking the time to review the watches mate. I really like the Ventus and was one on my list for a while.

I had a Spinnaker Bradner but sold it. I liked the watch but as a brand they seem to come out with new designs every 5 minutes so not sure as much time and effort has gone into the production side of things. Hard to explain what I mean, but I know what I am saying so whatever... :whistle:  

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