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Slate clock with broken corner, would like some advice please.

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I have a slate clock which I have mentioned on this forum previously regarding the mechanism. I now have the clock working really well and keeping good time.

The problem I have is the cosmetics, unfortunately the clock has the top rhs corner broken off and missing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to make the appearance better?

Also I noticed that there is a signature inside the clock, would this signature be of any relevance?

Many thanks in anticipation for all replies and suggestions. :thumbsup:




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These are easy to fix oddly enough, there is a black epoxy putty on the market. 

I've used it to great effect, I will see if I can find the make. 

I bought it on ebay, great stuff, I will see if I can find the pics of my repair. 

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Yes miliputty, that's it, brilliant stuff, comes in every colour under the sun. 

I did put a post when I did it years ago, unfortunately I haven't got the pictures anymore. 

This site doesn't do pictures even if I wanted to, I've tried. 

Good luck with the repairs.


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Just a quick update, have tried some Milliput and this is the result.

It needs some finshing off and refinement, hence the reason for placing a message to ask what is the best way to put colour back onto the slate top that I have rubbed with sandpaper whilst rubbing down the Milliput corner section?

Any suggest gratefully received. :wink:Slate-clock-new-corner-section.jpg

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Looking good so far, get some very fine sandpaper and get it nice and flush. 

There is a slate clock blacking for restoration, it's always on the forums, Ebay and most clock shops. 

It's a brilliant stuff, I think it was about £15 worth every penny and the finish is amazing. 

Curator Slate Blacking Solution

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I forgot something
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Thank you very much for getting back to me with your latest message, greatly appreciated.

There are two options on ebay at present as far as I can see, first one is Priory Polishes Slate Blacking at £12.50 including P&P, the second one is Curator Slate Blacking Solution at £14.34 plus £3.25 P&P.

I assume Curator would be the best option?

Many thanks for your continued interest :thumbsup:

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