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Saturday specials...8.5.21

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14 minutes ago, Pete wilding said:



Very intriguing piece. BOR bracelet looks fantastic on it, and I never like beads of rice. Such a great brand!

40 minutes ago, rafy1 said:






Really wish they'd have either made in Germany or Swiss made on their dials. Not sure why they don't. They use quality Swiss movements, but I'm guessing they're made in Germany. Why nothing on the dial. They're serious high quality stuff, they deserve such a labeling as either. Do they not qualify somehow?

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A rainy Saturday being a spare part/minibus driver and watching a bunch of kids do canoeing and raft building. Sounds like a job for Makoman. I suppose this is why we have beaters.



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1 hour ago, Pete wilding said:



I love this movement because I can actually read the minutes register!  The bracelet looks great.

Meanwhile, today's mystery watch ...


Lugs for life.



Have a great day.


23 minutes ago, Bricey said:

hope you all have a great weekend, even if the rain don't stop.

Thought I had put these away for the duration.


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17 minutes ago, dbc243 said:

Really like that, may I ask what it is?

It was a prototype watch made by an OEM that wasn't taken up by the watch company and didn't go into production and I managed to buy it off them when they were getting rid of a few bits and pieces. It has a fast beat, hacking ETA 2836-2 inside  and runs like a dream. :) Here's another photo :-


Edited by artistmike
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Today a 1940s Norexa powered by a 17j AS 1294 (or family).

With the passing of the years, and apart from wholesale repair & service business received from jewellers, my venerable watchmaker’s retail customer base nowadays seems to consist largely of battery changes or bracelet re-sizing. This Norexa had been a long-time resident in his seemingly bottomless box of vintage non-runners where I’m convinced it, along with countless others, would have stayed until the end of days.

Fortunately (or perhaps not) having access to that hoard enables me to request that some, like today’s effort, could be brought back to life, at the same time suggesting that it would be criminal for his skills to be lost. His default response is to tell me to f**k off, but he usually manages to comply whilst endowing the word “grumpy” with hitherto unplumbed depths of meaning.


Norexa v.3.jpg

Norexa AS 1294 v.3.jpg

Norexa watch advert.jpg

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