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Saturday specials...8.5.21

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1 hour ago, Balaton1109 said:

His default response is to tell me to f**k off, but he usually manages to comply whilst endowing the word “grumpy” with hitherto unplumbed depths of meaning.


There used to be a car spares place in a nearby village.  The guy who ran it was notoriously grumpy and rude.  An example went a bit like this:  

"I've got a Morris Marina."

"That's a stupid car to have bought."

"I need some brake shoes."

"You mean you're actually going to drive it? You're even more stupid than I thought."

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So, the new arrival from yesterday gets it's outing. Another Iron Annie to keep my first one company. Another one that peeled off from the formation price wise and went into a dive until it was picked off. For some reason Amazon seem to be doing that with the Iron Annies at the minute, one or two random models just start to drop until someone (me?) buys them, then revert back to full price. Watched this one go down to about £85 last week and then suddenly revert to £200


But I was watching this one follow it down so buckled on Thursday.





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3 hours ago, RTM Boy said:

Cuppa with a biscuit as the rain lashes down.  Good for the garden at least. :laugh:


Great watch. 

Rain is nature's spirit level - I have been out levelling the gravel  on the drive, anywhere there's water showing, it needs a bit more!

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2 hours ago, Rotundus said:


Weeding and a bit of grass seed down here and there. Cut and fed last week and looking a bit greener. Here end'th the lawn forecast. :thumbsup:

I read that as "wedding" and thought you should have made more of an effort :laughing2dw:

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Second watch winder arrived, all loaded up with the collection of auto's, just waiting on the Eterna to come back from repair and services:




Box one:


Box 2:


problem is, winder 3 on Box 2 doesn't seem to be working so it might be going back like the Eterna :(

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My next pair...



Штурманские Гагарины (2609370124 &260937016  ), производства Россия, Poljot cal. 2609 17 камней

(Sturmanskie Gagarin [2609370124 & 260937016], MADE IN RUSSIA, Poljot cal. 2609, 17 Jewels)




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32 minutes ago, JayDeep said:

Yesterday's arrival and I'm very very pleased!

That's a great looking chronograph , Jay , I like the teal dial and blue sub dial's combination  , very nice indeed . :wub: Enjoy wearing it :thumbsup:

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