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never thought i would buy a casio g shock!!

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12 minutes ago, chas g said:

Deano, the more I look at your gshock the more I like it. I like it more than the edifice.

Did you buy a Cassio GA2100-1A 1st and then buy a 3rd generation Hontao kit? In the video I watched the chap complained that the bracelet was very big and wasnt very comfortable. Did you shorten your bracelet? I quite fancy getting one for fun with a kit the same as yours. Did you buy direct from Hontao? I think I would go for one with a rubber strap regards Chas 

hi chas, got to be honest and say i went the lazy route and bought it done from the guy below on e bay, he also has different styles/ finishes of bracelets , yes this is a version 3  which has intigated lugs / ends (i think version 2 did not but quality was not as good as ver 3 ), so they dont bend much, i have  flat 7.5 inch + wrists and i find i was worried about size, but its fine, while the cut links are sharpe on the outside its really is comfortable to wear ( honestley its been worn since i got it inc wearing to bed) if you have small round wrists it will not sit right for you which the guy in the video had.

i am sure you could buy them seperated and put it together yourself, its not complicated and you get all the things req in the kit ( inc screwdrivers,well mine came with them), i only needed to take one link out for mine ,

if i am honest i have two! bought one before i saw the grey dial version and could not stop the black dial one comming in:laugh:.

lets know if you go for it :thumbsup:



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On 10/05/2021 at 21:24, Sulie said:

I do like a g shock ,, or even a c cube ! 
can’t believe I sold this c cube or swapped it during lockdown ! 




My son got hold of one my Casio’s .. have loads .. now I can stop the blooming alarm going off !  :bash:

Oooowww I love my C-Cube (sorry to rub it in)

I keep looking for others on evilbay but they are rare as unicorn poop

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On 19/05/2021 at 08:28, MrF-UK82 said:

Love this mod. Was it an easy enough job switching the case and strap?

hey, like i said i did not do it myself, but watched you tube vids before i bought mine and yes it looks easy enough, you don't take the watch apart ( as into the watch case) just remove the whole watch core and put it in the new steel case, and put 4 screws in, bracelet are screw links and with the kits i have seen you even get the screwdrivers to do the job:):thumbsup:


ps still not taken it off since getting it!:biggrin:

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