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Another "3 watch collection" challenge

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The rules to this one are simple (although maybe a little vague on the budget).

1) All 3 watches have to be from your current collection.

2) Can have been purchased new or used.

3) No fixed budget, but the aim is for as tight a budget as possible, your picks should represent a 'bargain' (whatever that might mean to you individually).

4) Needs to cover; one everyday wear, one smart/dressy and one other catagory (sports, diver, chrono, 'beater', etc...)

I'll start with my three recent surprisingly pleasant additions, whilst accepting that for each watch that I take a cheap punt on that turns out as pleasing to me as the following, there will be a dozen like the Tempore Lux that just doesn't work for me and gets moved on quickly.

But I've got lucky with these three that I really enjoy and expect I will keep as part of my collection and they will get a higher amount of wrist time than I expected or their initial cost suggested that they would:

#1 - Everyday wear - Seiko 5 - Cost £56



#2 Smart / Dressy - Larsson & Jennings Norse Handwind - Cost £120



#3 - Diver - Hoffman Diver 40 Automatic - Cost £113



So, even including delivery, I've got £11 change from £300 for the three, two auto's and a hand winder, all boxed and in mint/unworn condition, covering a decent spectrum of wardrobe choices and all bringing me a little joy each and every time I wear them.


So, challenge set, sift through your collections, I'm not looking for your best foot forward choices or 3 watches you could never live without, I looking for your 3 watch bargain buys that have proved to bring you more pleasure than you had any right to expect when you picked them up.


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£80 + old bracelet 


£65 + £5 bracelet 




Thats £200 total. 

To be honest, at the cost of any of these they could all switch categories. These are just 3 that happen to amuse me or just make more sense to be included in this type of "cost effective" collection. 

If you really wanted to go extra slim money I could probably put 3 in here for less than £50. 


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A different three then. To paraphrase Mr Bond, a little over £150 worth but all bought second hand . . . . . . . . 




















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2 hours ago, Bricey said:

3) No fixed budget, but the aim is for as tight a budget as possible, your picks should represent a 'bargain' (whatever that might mean to you individually).

Oh, I've got this one covered, cheap and cheerful bargains are right up my street :laughing2dw:

(1) Every day wear, this Fossil Smartwatch bought from @Roy for I think 60-ish quid:


(2) Dress watch, a lovely TW Steel Slimline, bought from ebay for £65 (and still up for grabs in the sales corner...):


(3) Diver, I'll bend the rules a bit, and put in two... Starting with this awesome Fossil, bought new from the Fossil Outlet shop in Austria for 70-ish Euros:


Alternatively, a bit more bang for your buck with one of these gigantic Fat Face divers, bought used from ebay for £35-ish each I think:


The bracelet one with blue subdials has been sold, but the rubber strapped black subdial one on the left is still here, but rarely worn.  In fact, this post has reminded me what a fun watch this one is, so I've swapped to it for the rest of the day!  :laughing2dw:

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number1...dress option Sekonda Deluxe model 46       £38 (Ebay inc postage)

number2  Daily wearer  Timex expedition WR50           £22 (RRP 1992)

number3 beater/work/sports Seiko SGW100                 £25 (Argos half price sale)

Casio SGW100.JPG

Timex Expedition WR50 indiglo.JPG

Sekonda model 46 cal2209 (1968).JPG

£85 all in

could have slipped the F91W in there instead of the SGW100 and saved another £18.05p lol

Casio F91W 2018.JPG

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Well, I can bat this around every which way and I'll still come up with the same three from my collection.

1. Everyday wear


2. Dressy watch


3. GMT


No brainer really. I have these three, and I'd be daft to pick owt else.

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The problem with your last requirement is that casual/everyday wear can easily also be a diver or beater watch. Also, not everyone has a taste for dress watches. I definitely don't and the only I have is nowhere near considered affordable or bargain. Still I'm try my best here...

One everyday wear: Fiyta Spacemaster $700


One dress: Farer Pendine $650


One diver: Bulova Oceanographer $450


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These 3 are on my wrist the most - not much over £1k for all of them :) 

Seiko Monster on aftermarket Seiko rubber around £103 new plus strap cost 


Alpina startimer quartz chrono around £350 new



Longines hydroconquest auto new at around £680 or so



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