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How much are you willing to spend?

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9 hours ago, Bricey said:

Ignoring the 'what can be afforded in your life at the moment' replies of the other thread, I'm interested what people's hypothetical limit would be if money was not an concern?

If you were to win the euro millions lottery, or managed to sell your big app idea to Google for £100m, or your book idea became a best seller and then got a huge 7 part movie deal, what would be your limit for a watch then?

You have a 9 figure bank account and can feasibly buy anything in the world of watches without needing to give a seconds thought to the actual cost, does your budget mean you spend crazy money?

For me, I think (and kind of hope) that I would still have a limit of what I was prepared to spend on a watch, and I think it would be boringly low to some, I doubt I would be prepared to go above £10,000.

Would you have a limit? Would anyone seriously drop 6 figures for a Richard Mille? Or consider creeping into 7 figures for some rare and exotic auction piece?


I've never really considered having that kind of money so I just don't bother with eating my time daring to dream about it. I can tell you one watch I would buy without question if money was no object, the only watch I've ever seen that I could afford if I saved a year or two, but would not because it doesn't fit my lifestyle...

Urwerk UR-103! Coolest watch I've ever seen and the last grail I found when originally researching every brand that existed back in 2001.

If money were no object I'd probably just have several Omega, a couple Rolex and definitely the Urwerk. I'm not really into all that VC, AP, RM, etc stuff honestly. Even Patek doesn't float my boat for the most part. I might get a Ulysse Nardin of some sort because I just think they're Uber cool. Maybe a Zenith primero chronograph.

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4 hours ago, SolaVeritate said:

I'll have a couple of these for my daily beaters.. perhaps even one of each style for each day of the week.. oh.. im just being fussy.. give me the whole range, I just decided to collect them..


Didn’t Sigourney Weaver have a run in with that thing in Alien?


Perfect example of Ars Gratia Artis.

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I wont be greedy so will settle for this Patek Philippe world time although I would prefer one in rose gold. It would only cost the same as 7 months in the care home where my mother has lived in Hertford for 3 years so it's a bargain.

https://www.watchfinder.co.uk/Patek Philippe/World Time/5130/1R-001/26177/item/182406?searchId=4d114cf6-aba4-4e41-be2c-4852964d43c9&rank=2

1 hour ago, SolaVeritate said:


Entrevoient l'avenir

I have seen the Urwerke watches in a shop in Bond St London. Interesting but I was horrified by the prices 

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