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“Quality” versus quantity – a theoretical question?


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We have had a number of threads recently that focus on people’s buying habits. Recognising that we are all at different stages in this journey, and that many of us have different aspirations and budgets, I thought I would pose this question.

Supposing you were given a reasonably substantial sum of money (let’s say £6000 as a ballpark figure) with the condition that you had to spend it on a watch or watches. How would you go about it? Would you buy half a dozen reasonably good, midpriced watches, would you spend half of it on one watch and the rest on two or three others, or would you put it all on one special watch? Equally, you could of course buy 30 watches for £200 each. It’s up to you.

At the stage I find myself in at the moment, I would definitely be looking at Option Three. I have in the past received a couple of bequests and have bought special memento watches out of the funds, but there were obviously never any conditions attached. And I think I would probably be looking at the pre-owned market nowadays for something of really extraordinary quality. If I’m going to buy a watch at all from here on in, it will need to be something pretty special.

As I said, completely theoretical. What do you think?

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13 minutes ago, AVO said:

Equally, you could of course buy 30 watches for £200 each. It’s up to you.

I think that pretty much answers the question for me.... :laughing2dw:

By coincidence, I did receive an inheritance in March when my Dad sadly passed away.  I was one of the Executors for his will, and had the horrible task of selling his house and distributing/disposing of his possessions.  After everything was completed (he owned a mobile home, which made things a lot easier than a bricks + mortar house), his estate was split equally between me and my 3 siblings, as per the terms of his will.  We each ended up with £24,000, and I spent all of my share (plus a bit more... :whistle:) to buy my dream car, the mighty Porsche Cayman:


Not the most sensible way to spend an inheritance I guess, but I took the view that I didn't actually need the money, so what the hell.  My mortgage is paid off, I don't have kids, and I've got more "spare" money in a savings account than I've ever had in my life.  Every time I drive the car I think of my lovely Dad.  He would either think it is awesome, or possibly that I'm bleedin' bonkers - And either way, I'm happy with that! :laughing2dw:

It didn't even cross my mind to spend any of it on a watch (BAN HIM!!! :tongue:).  It was enough for me to also inherit his wonderful little Avia dress watch, complete with inscription on the back from my dear departed Mum, which honestly means more to me than any watch of any value:



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The source of this £6k is key for me and shapes what I do with it.

A £6k windfall and I would absolutely be in option 2.

I would add something that I would regard as a grail / top tier watch for somewhere in the £2,500-£3,000 bracket, probably pre-owned, possibly an IWC Portofino or Pilot XVII or Breitling Super Ocean Heritage.

Then I would be looking at 2-4 watches that I regard (in my sphere) as good quality expensive watches (still pre-owned so 50-70% of RRP) maybe an Oris 65 or Artellier, B&R123-93 GMT, Rado Captain Cook, Yema Superman Heritage, Maybe a Tag Monaco or Monza if the budget allows and I find something in decent condition.

Anything left over goes on a couple of cheap and cheerful playthings for the morning routine or when doing things I wouldn't want to risk a nice watch doing.

HOWEVER, if it is an inheritance from someone that I cared about, then it is going to have to be a single watch, to honour and remember that person and also because it is going into the untouchable / do not sell pile, so I don't want to split it and stick 5 or 6 watches into that pile ("yes this one is part of my dad, and this one, and this one too, 5#1t there's bits of my old man all over the place!").

If I'm doing £6k on a single watch it is going to be classical and something that I know I will love as much at 80 as I do now in my mid forties, maybe an Aqua Terra or this if it is available:



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19 minutes ago, Bricey said:

With 8 little bricey's running around, I think its fair to assume I am quantity over quality :laughing2dw:

I only have one daughter, when I got divorced from her mother for some inexplicable reason she asked if she could stay with me. 

God bless her she was only 15..... but what a nightmare. She thought my middle name was Bank of Scotland 


"Where are you going Dad" 

"Australia with my new bit of fluff"



"What am I going to do" 

"Your mother has a spare room" 

"I'll send you a postcard"


She hasn't spoken to me much since then. 

:laughing2dw: :laughing2dw:

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There have been so many debates on the subject of the ideal number of watches to have in a collection  --  and the world of WISery we inhabit seems firmly split between "sub 20" (with six most popular) and "way over fifty". There is no reconciling the two opposing views  --  which is why we get the variety of answers here.

Personally, I'd go for another Dornblüth, and, if I found a good deal there, possibly a Zürich Blaugold.

Each, though, to his own  :yes:

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At this stage I would likely pick 1-3 pieces. An Omega, maybe Tag or Tudor and perhaps a microbrand. Something I've been eyeing on and off for years but haven't found the desire to pull the trigger for whatever reason. Usually that reason is duplication within my collection or something else more befitting my style comes along instead. I do tend to have more appreciation for microbrands in general, but that's because I value my hard earned money and want it to go the distance. But with free money, that I would spend a little more willynilly. So yeah, between 1 and 3 watches. Likely 1 Omega around $5k and 1 micro at $1k.

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My pick would be an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra and something else with the change. However, if someone gave me £6,000 just now, a watch would be pretty low on the list of priorities. 

I think in relation to "quality Vs quantity" there's very few people who go out and buy thirty watches all at once.  Put like that... it sounds silly. But people can genuinely like and want thirty different watches, and enjoy them all. I suspect most people focus on one watch at a time, perhaps one that's affordable within their monthly means and over time a collection can build up. 

People's perceptions of quality and value in relation to cost are quite different too. You could buy a £300 quartz that's really well made and accurate. For a lot of people that offers more than enough quality to be worthwhile, whilst a £6,000 watch doesn't offer enough "value" to justify the considerable difference in price.

But if they enjoy that £300 quartz watch they might buy another watch next month. And then another. And maybe another again... 

Next thing you know they're sharing photos of a Tudor GMT every day... :laugh::thumbsup:

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let me tell you were i would be , i would add another 6 K and buy the ONE and only watch i want now ! in fact that's exactly were i am being fortunate to have a decent retirement plan, only trouble is i cant buy it, well  not at retail, and being a Yorkshire man i refuse to buy at far more from a grey dealer :laugh:. but i am 65 very soon so watch this space :thumbsup: :biggrin:


oh and i never needed a watch less ! so it might well yet be new windows for the house :laugh:


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I’d be torn.

I’ve not got anything worth anywhere near 6k and am unlikely to have for the foreseeable. So if I had 6k and was forced to spend it on a watch/watches, I’d probably get one 6k watch.

Equally though I haven’t got a massive collection and am fairly “new” to watches, so 2x3k watches or even 3x2k watches would be very tempting.

What I wouldn’t do is buy loads at a more affordable price because I can do that anyway, albeit maybe not 6ks worth all at the same time.

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