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Vostok auto/hand wound thickness comparison.

Duncan U.

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I own three 200m water resistant Vostoks and I really like them. However, the big drawback with modern automatic Vostoks is the thickness, quoted by Meranom as 15 mm. I wish they were available in hand winding form as all original Amphibias were.

This thickness is very obvious when wearing the watches and I have converted an Amphibia of mine to a manual winding movement and swapped the caseback. Just out of interest, I thought I would take some comparison photos between my modified hand wound 670 Amphibia and my 650 automatic Komadirskie, becuse these cases apart from finishing are identical.

Here they are side by side:


Here I am wearing the 650 automatic:


And this is the hand wound 670:


The automatic is quite wearable and isn't uncomfortable, but when tried on back to back the manual wound watch is much more comfortable. The difference is only about 2mm when measured but feels more, probably because the extra thickness pulls the strap away from my arm. As I am happy hand winding my watches, and the movements are so cheap, I am in the process of converting the 650 to hand winding too.

I am no expert on working on watches (I have only swapped movements, dials and hands on cheap watches!), but if anyone is interested in trying this, I can take some photos to show how.


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Just a thought, I've noticed on the multitude (3) of Boctok's that I've owned.. that the case back is thicker and raises the watch on the carved (image printed) casebacks (I've swapped over, and used about 6) and the thinnest is the one with basic 'pressed' decoration.

The cases themselves have lug holes drilled at different heights and locations and 'hole to hole' size differ depending on case number.

I'm no expert (3!) but it seems to me that the case number and its back decoration (including the bezel thickness) determin how comfortable each of these make the watch feel.

Of course you are right in auto v hand winding determining height but I'm just pointing out a few other factors before you go ahead in movement swapping.

I like what you did with your hand winded one :thumbsup:

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Thanks :)

You are correct a thicker case back will definitely make the situation worse. Particularly the exhibition case backs available make an already thick watch even thicker.

You're also correct that cases with longer lower lugs will sit better on wrist. I would love to try on all the Vostok cases to see which is best. Strangely the dead flat 110 case is often reported to be very comfortable though!

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