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Challenge: A complete collection, Swatch only


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The following is a simple guideline to what I consider a pragmatic, minimalist, yet complete collection. However I decided to make it a challenge for myself to do it with one brand only. I thought it might be a fun twist and interesting to see if anyone else could fit each category into one brand! You can choose your own categories if you'd like, even brand, but don't make it too easy on yourself.

So the challenge is to find a Swatch that fits into each category that you would recommend or even own yourself.

At least one quartz and mechanical are required, split amongst these categories with a black, a blue and a white/silver dial option:

Pilot: New Irony Night Flight (quartz, black)

Sporty/diver: Big Bold Chrono Bioceramic

Dress: Monthly Drops Unavoidable (auto, silver)

Casual/beater: Irony Casual Blue (blue)





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8 hours ago, JayDeep said:

You can choose your own categories if you'd like, even brand, but don't make it too easy on yourself.

I’ll take you at your word on this. I shall need to mess with categories because I don’t really like pilot watches all that much. So I will go with chronograph, dress, traveller and GADA. My chosen brand is Christopher Ward which will not surprise many people. Photos and links are from the CW Archive. This was created over several months, principally by the CW forum mods. My particular task was writing the descriptions.

Link to CW Archive

1. Chronograph. I will go with the C3 Grand Tour which also fulfils the quartz requirement.


2. Dress watch: C9 5-day Small second. Hand wound, five day SH 21 movement. White dial and Roman numerals, which I am fond of.


3. Traveller. C60 Mk 3 GMT. Auto, blue dial. Also fulfils diver function.


4. GADA. The recently introduced C63 Sealander Elite. Black dial, automatic chronometer, titanium with recessed pop-out crown. I could easily see this as an everyday watch.


I think that satisfies requirements.

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I’ll go Hamilton.

Beater, I have to go with what I own.

Pilot, another Khaki.

Spirty, the Pan Europ which I like enough to actually buy,not sure whether I’d go green or blue though.

Dress l, has to be the Boulton for me, something else I’d buy if I was so into a Tank or a Reverso one day.





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Well, without tying myself down to specific "rules" (black, blue and white/siIver? Where's the red and the green? Why do I need a pilot's watch? ) I have often looked at the 3 Geckotas I've finished up with and thought they make a pretty good capsule collection:


That lovely all polished red dial G-01 (thanks @JayDeep) will cover dressy duties, then you've got the chunky K3 diver with 3 interchangeable bezels for a change of colour (got a fitted bracelet for that too) and the single subdialed mecaquartz C-05 for chrono duties.





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Well I think I will take Cartier.

Pilot:  Santos (the original watch designed for a pilot.   Blue dial, the picture is the auto but I would suggest this one in Quartz)

Sporty/diver: Pasha Chronograph Panda dial

Dress: Gold Tank (they do some funky dials on these too if you want a black or even red dial)

Casual/beater: Roadster





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11 minutes ago, Daveyboyz said:

Well I think I will take Cartier.

I thought about it but in the end decided not to. Much as I love my Tank I don’t think I would want a complete collection of Cartier. However, that blue Santos is just beautiful.

Still, it’s all theoretical. 

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Ok...following my first abortive attempt where I hadn't read the rules properly and posted 4 different brands...Bag on head.  I'll go with Seiko.

Pilot's (well the dial is certainly pilots style).
Seiko 'Spork'.
Seiko Spork

Seiko 'Sawtooth'.
Seiko Sawtooth

Dress. No white dials in my Seiko collection, but this Seiko silvery LCD should fit the bill and it's quartz.
Seiko G575-4010.
Seiko G757-4010

Seiko 'Caesar'.
Seiko 'Caesar'.

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7 minutes ago, Daveyboyz said:

Have you ever held one?  In my opinion they called the wrong model "tank" because the roadster is tough as anything.

Looking at the size of the crown on that thing, I would definitely hope its owner has it firmly under control if it meets any of @yokel’s watches and starts getting excited!

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