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Changing tastes in watches.

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8 hours ago, Bricey said:

Like @Roxyben I'm not a fan of a chrono or a Nato (although I do quite like a para elasticated nato style).

Regarding changing tastes, initially I was 42mm+, had a few 44's and even a couple at 48 or 50mm. Over time I've settled far more into a 38-42mm preference (maybe edging towards 36-40mm of late).

I've moved from mainly quartz to mainly auto's over time, although this was more to do with budget, more recently I've started to add more manuals as tastes again develop (I used to struggle to see the point of a manual when an auto offered the same mechanical side without the need for winding).

Lots of little changes and evolution to tastes over time, although I imagine I'll still love a dive watch even when I swap out my jeans for beige slacks and those brown shoes you used to see advertised in the Sunday supplement, balanced on the end of a finger.


Ps. To spite @Bow I should confirm that I could live to 678 years old and never change enough to like a bund!


How about if you could get a beige bund strap?

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Like the OP, I too had several years of only looking at clean and simple dials. And then one day in Selfridges,  my wife pointed me in the direction of a chronograph from a brand I didn't know too much about called Zenith.  Oh dear, talk about love at first sight for the 38mm EP and finally got one earlier this year.

And then reading loads of people talk on the forums about Seiko in good terms, I too began researching the brand and have purchased two.

Discovering brands and learning about them is a real joy and this brings other changes in my tastes. Up and coming on my radar is Squale, Smiths and Alpina, brands I had not heard of a few years ago. I am now thinking I need a lesser known brand so one of these is likely to be the next purchase. On the flip side, reading about JLC gets me thinking that one day...........

I think the simple rule is keep learning about watches, be open minded and don't rule anything out.


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13 hours ago, Bricey said:

Really interesting thread, seeing the changes in people's tastes and the watch journey from so many differing viewpoints and personalities.


Indeed each of us follows our own unique path.  It's just as well that there is such colossal variety of brands and designs available to suit every taste, need and pocket.  How lucky we are that there is so much choice!  Perhaps that's what really marks the enthusiast out?  The non-WIS may just about have heard of Rolex, Omega and Seiko and some fashion brands, but know nothing much about them, or what's in them, whereas the enthusiast is always learning and altering their preferences and taste as they go.

I think that progression never ends, unless you lose interest in the hobby, which can happen to any interest when other things change in your life.  Above all it must be and remain fun. And change is part of that.


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1 hour ago, RTM Boy said:

Indeed each of us follows our own unique path.  It's just as well that there is such colossal variety of brands and designs available to suit every taste, need and pocket.  How lucky we are that there is so much choice!  

The enthusiast is always learning...

Above all it must be and remain fun. 


I echo the above.


When venturing into this wonderful world of horology many years ago I  couldn’t have dreamt where it would lead to.

My preferences have pretty much remained the same, predominantly pre 1970’s timepieces, which were in abundance, well made & affordable (then).

If it wasn’t for a tolerant local watcmaker/jeweller, who I suspect recognised (grudgingly) my naivety & enthusiasm for timepieces, afforded me the time to share some invaluable knowledge.  Without his insight, at a time when there was no internet & very little in the way of publications, I may have ended up just owning & wearing just one watch (Fitbit?) :(

This obsession hobby has opened numerous doors for me, making acquaintances, friends along the way, both here & abroad, enabling me to acquire, & occasionally share, knowledge & experiences.

Am now more focused on learning & sharing what (little) knowledge I can remember with, hopefully, the next generation of enthusiasts.


I give to this House the...”Wonderful World of Horology”



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When I was a kid it was all about gadgets and the watches I had then were digital, I then went through a phase of not wearing a watch at all. Wasn't until my early 20s I decided to buy a decent watch and went for a Citizen Ecodrive. It's titanium so really light and very subtle, quite small as well as I didn't want anything too garish. 

I started to get more into watches and bought a Casio Edifice which was actually very good, nicely made and inexpensive. Then the collecting started, I ended up with a variety of Seiko mechanical watches. I have a real soft spot for self winding mechanical watches as I just like the idea of them being little machines. 

I was in a position to buy a few more high end watches, I bought my first TAG and followed that up with another three. Two of which were used and an Aquaracer which I absolutely love, plus it's mechanical where the others are quartz. 

As much as I'd love to go for another luxury watch, a Rolex would be awesome it's not on the cards for a little while yet but I did recently acquire something at the opposite end of the scale. A Steeldive Orange Tuna which I'm hugely taken with. I've started to like more bold, bigger watches as I can pull off wearing them more than I realised. :)

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