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Could you collect only one brand?


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On 24/08/2021 at 02:14, JayDeep said:

... and if so, which would it be? Are there more than one?

For me, there are 5 I can think of of the top of my head.

1. The easiest answer - Omega

2. Second easiest answer - Alexander Shorokhoff 

3. Breitling

4. Tag

5. Rolex

For each of these brands there's enough diversification of style and design and a lot I love about a large number of their watches. The last 3 I'm almost embarrassed to admit, as they're so cliche and obvious, but they really do offer so much that suits my taste, both vintage and modern. 

Heavens no. I have 30 watches, and the most I have of any one brand is three. As a matter of interest, that is Seiko and Zelos. Why would anyone limit themselves to one brand?

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Noooooooo....oh.. ooh.. ooo.. ooo.. ohh.. ooooohhh.. (insert random football chant melody)

.. Well..  OK.. 

But not Rolex.. @johnny Cool nope :russian_roulette:

Let's think about it.. (personally) Urwerk.. :notworthy:

..but if you want to push the boat out you should consider selling all the Rolex pleb pieces and buy 1 or 10 Patek Philippe to adorn the insides of your safe. You can pretend you have your yacht parked in the car park instead of a rolls.

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I'm with CB200 Ulysse Nardin. For one their design language is evolving so you 2 or 3 types of look to their watches and for two they have some of the most utterly bonkers watches on the planet if you have the bank account to afford them.

My second choice would be Breitling for similar reasons - their design language is also evolving giving you the choice of modern classic look or the 2000's chunky stuff. I quite like both so...


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On 24/08/2021 at 15:33, JayDeep said:


You know, as much as I hate on Seiko, it is an in general and overall hate, but not an across the board thing. If I'm being completely honest, between the Marine Master lineup and their GS stuff, I could likely include them in this as my 6th. There's enough meat on that bone to satisfy me. Their diversity really cannot be overlooked or underrated, especially in a scenario like this. Hell even some of the higher end Prospex X stuff is decent enough I might do it. In fact, I may have just talked myself into trying another Seiko again!

You cant hate Seiko come on. Forgetting what is the best watch company in anyones eyes surely most would agree Seiko makes watches accessable. If there was a global watch prize it would be Seikos all day long. Is my favorite watch a Seiko, I dunno, but over the years I think Seiko has been more to everyone than any other manufacturer and I think they have made people with any budget feel special. Not like many other brands, your names not down your not getting in. 

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Ive sort of had a bit of a go at collecting one brand, well more like collecting each model of one brand, then narrowed it even further to each colour way of a specific model, but there are just two many out there.

`the most ive had is six of the same model, each one a different colour, then it all starts to go wrong when they launch a mk2 version of same watch again with numerous colour ways, thats when it went down hill for me. I like variety too much for the one make malarky.

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