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New arrival (and bargain alert!)


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I was perusing the delights of Amazon the other night having seen @Bricey's new Helvetica recently and taking a bit of a fancy to one. Variety of options but the quartz models are mostly going around the £150ish mark now so I was scrolling through wondering if I wanted one that badly when this one caught my eye. Mondaine Helvetica Regular, Casual Brown Leather Quartz Watch for Men and Women, MH1.R3610.LG, 40 MM

Arrived today:




..and that "quartz" movement does look and behave suspiciously like the hand wind Sellita it appears to be in the listing:


Priced suspiciously like the quartz versions though. Absolute bargain I reckon, couple left if anybody gets in quick.

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I've looked these over a few times. Super clean design with one glaring blemish... that large and awkward font filling the entire bottom right quadrant of the dial! Sweet piece without question, and there's no question that a few of mine are a bit much for dial printing as well, but for me it's the size of it here that stops me in my tracks.

In a way, I think to myself, well there's something different and I like different a lot. Then I compare the oversized writing on the dial to the undersized hands chosen and just grimace a bit.

Still, I look at it and think, "but damn that's a nice somehow." I can't help but be oddly attracted to it. Like fat girls in mini skirts.

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That Mondaine does look very nice & a real bargain as you say :clap: - I can understand what @JayDeep is saying about the block of text, but like a lot of text / fonts / dial texture etc it always looks worse than it really is in a close up picture of the watch - Looking at a watch at arms length is totally different imvho - Anyway, health to wear ...

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54 minutes ago, Richy said:

I have just ordered this, 1 left at the moment. Considering this was £850 from Jura watches has to be a bargain.




PS Fingers crossed I dont get a quartz tomorrow.

That's what I thought! I was opening the parcel with some curiosity to see what had actually turned up.

Been playing with the 20mm strap drawer today and I've been well impressed. Considering it's a bit of an off piste design you'd think it would be tricky to match up with a strap but it looks good on pretty much anything! flat back with the lack of rotor and the way the case is undercut between the lugs means straps sit very neatly tucked in and the fit is perfect for a one piece NATO or similar too.

Bond NATO works:


Bit of colour:


Almost gets away with a perlon (and I can't stand perlons)


Tropic (taking advantage of all 30m of water resistance)


Bit of a Tan:


Perforated navy leather:


Chestnut leather:


Rufty tufty vintage:


Grey Suede rivet:


And dressing for dinner (oddly for something that looks kind of slim and dressy this is less successful for me, bit too slim so there's more lug gap)


The one I like it on least is the original supplied strap, and actually, as @Bricey said, that is a really nice quality soft leather strap, but the drab chocolate colouring doesn't do the watch any favours.



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Right, so I'd stuck with the original brown thus far as I felt it was good quality and comfortable, and I quite like brown for a strap....but having seen the different straps you chaps had tried I thought I'd have a dig through my 20mm's.

Black Sailcloth looked much smarter and improved the watch.


In fact a very boring plain black leather band improved the watch.


So I tried the mesh and felt that lifted the watch another level.


Then I eyed the weird grey tweed strap that came as an aftermarket extra with something I bought at some point, and even that looks good on this baby.


I'm now torn on what to go with! :laughing2dw:

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