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Did it, grail and icon bought from AD


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3 hours ago, Dilly said:

Why share it here if you dont care what we think! 

One of my favorite watches, I like how it is obviously what it is, a bit like cars were when you could spot a 205 Gti, RS Turbo or Golf Gti from miles away due to its shape instead of the contemporary egg shape we have today. Screw aerodynamics Ill have a flat fronted Integralle any day. 

One comment, from the pics Im not keen on the strap, looks a little dressy. I think it would look the dogs with a lighter leather, one of the chunky tan rustic type with contrast stitching. I think its more a stubble, denim, dude kind of watch than a dressy type. 


I share because, like the rest of us, watches are our passion and this was an achievement within our shared passion. I not only don't care if someone dislikes it, I also don't care if someone likes it. 

3 hours ago, JRParker said:

Very nice! Are you sat guarding the bag with the box and papers in, or did you buy it prior to lunch?

I bought it before lunch and left the bag and box in the car, along with the Steinhart I wore when buying it. 

3 hours ago, richy176 said:

This is a watch forum and we post photos of our watches.


This^^^ no seeking of approval here at all, just shouting my joy from the rooftops, so to speak. 

1 hour ago, yokel said:


@JayDeep can hardly complain (and I don't think he would) about contrary opinions on his taste in watches  --  he himself is adept at giving a "hard pass" (which I hope is clean) in his comments on others' acquisitions and interests, which I'm sure is not intended to be a put-down.

No sir, and I don't nor have I. There is no whining or victim playing bone in my body. In fact I expect and demand raw honesty always, as that's what I always give. As far as I'm concerned it's a sign of respect. Life is way to short to pretend or fake. It's also too short to cry over spilt milk. So onward ho I go toward a completion of my collection. I do feel as though I'm getting very close. Sadly, I think I've determined that means filling it with the undeniable icons like this one. 

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Well done on the new watch Jay! As for me I'm still undecided about this watch, very much on the fence about it. I recognise that its very much an iconic watch and I very much respect that but I guess I'm just still undecided about it. What I do like about it is that you could clock this from a mile off and instantly recognise what it is! I like that in a watch!

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2 hours ago, Bricey said:

I will, even time Jay wears it. :laughing2dw:

Obviously I had a (very) senior moment there - many apologies to Jaydeep (who I called Colin) & to Bricey (the real Colin)! However I blame Bricey as I'm.so used to his daily "this arrived in the post today" threads that I just assumed it was from him.

Anyway sorry all :bash:


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1 hour ago, Duncan U. said:

Collection nearing completion, I've heard that one before :laughing2dw:

Trust me, I know how it sounds, but there has always been a point to my collective, a goal to achieve, and after yesterday I'm one step closer. I now have 3 of my primary iconic grails, with only one to go. After that I do believe I can rest. 

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18 minutes ago, sabailand said:

Do you think if it wasnt  a TAG or having the steve mcqueen connection people would still like it, its an honest question and not denigrating the watch at all. (question for all)

Iconic without McQueen or being Tag, no. Desirable, yes, because the look and design is phenomenal. But the same could be said about the Speedmaster if not the moon watch or Omega. I mean it's really not much of anything to think about really. 

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8 minutes ago, JayDeep said:

Iconic without McQueen or being Tag, no. Desirable, yes, because the look and design is phenomenal. But the same could be said about the Speedmaster if not the moon watch or Omega. I mean it's really not much of anything to think about really. 

Yes its fair enough, you obviously still like the watch and nothing will swerve you, although not quite the same but similar,  a plain polo shirt in a nice colour might get cursory glances, the same nice coloured shirt with the crocodile on will get "oooh what alovely shirt dont Lacoste make some lovely stuff", got to admit im guilty of it myself, i`ve looked at your watch in shop windows and cant quite make my mind up, would i wear it .....yes definitely, but would it be becasuse its an iconic TAG model, or would i still like it otherwise....you do for the right reasons.

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4 hours ago, JoT said:

Congratulations, a grail and from an AD!!

Looks great IMO

Yeah, I've decided I'm done trying these Grey Market dealers who lie about what they have "in stock"and then lie about delivery times. From now on, with higher end stuff, I'm buying AD only. Thanks!

8 hours ago, BondandBigM said:

Not quite square but




Camaro hell yeah, agreed, but the digital is laughable at best. 

7 hours ago, Kamakazie! said:

1. Camaro (it's square enough!)

2. Silverstone 

3. Monaco 

4. Monza

Though that is a nice looking digital watch there @BondandBigM!


Again, agreed with Camaro, but the rest can fall off a cliff as far as I'm concerned. The Silverstone is just odd,I don't hate it, but I do hate the crown at 9 o'clock with pushers at 2 and 4. Terrible balance to my eyes, runs it, as well as the rounded edges. Visually makes me shudder. 

So my list is simple then...

1. Camaro

2. Monaco

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