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A decision that will confuse most, swapping a Tudor BB58 to something cheaper!


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31 minutes ago, LinkinJoe said:

Tried that at Checkout, didn't appear to work! I'll sign up for the newsletter and see if I get sent one. 

They run them all the time with the Loupe magazine and newsletter, for £100 it's worth holding for a little while, think they often do Black Friday type offers too.


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I’m with @RoxybenThe best thing that happened to my Tudor was getting a desk dive mark on the clasp. It pee’d me right off for a couple of weeks but it has allowed me to wear it as it should be worn and enjoyed without stressing about it too much.

The little marks are my patina now. :yes:

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Agree with others that Tissot, Seiko and Hamilton are good choices for your lower budget, especially if you want an automatic. 

Also, don't rule out Timex, for the price I think they make some great looking quartz watches. I have a couple and enjoy them as much as the expensive ones in my collection. 

The BB is a great watch by the way and perhaps one day you may return for a second try. In the meantime Oris make some good quality watches between your new budget and a BB.

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This comes up quite frequently and I can see why people feel uncomfortable wearing something of high value.

I don't really get the issue with babying it though and being worried about scratches as watches are one of those things that don't lose much value if any due to minor cosmetic damage.

With vintage for example it's far more important to be original than to be pristine though obviously both is the holy grail in terms of value.

A watch that ages well is the the mark of a great design.

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@LinkinJoe I can only echo what others have said; you don't need to spend big to have a very nice watch and deciding what you've bought is not for you is an experience I think we have all had for one reason or another.

In the ballpark £500/600 you've stated I would also look at the Certina DS Action Diver Automatic 38mm.  They do stainless steel versions with black, blue and green dials for an SRP of £670 and you can find them cheaper if you shop around (the two-tone versions have an SRP of £720);



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One other thing to consider, when I first found this board there was a flurry of "watch collection on £X budget" style threads.

I honestly believe (without condoning collections running into 2 or 3 figures) that having a collection of watches is a really sensible thing to consider.

Having something for everyday, something for best, something for rough and tumble, whether the total budget is five hundred quid, five grand or beyond, it is quite manageable to get together a trio of watches that give you coverage for different occasions and a little variety. 

That £2.5k for a single watch could easily give you anything from 3 very nice watches to (with a little work and patience) a 7-10 watch collection of lovely things to suit your every mood (with much less worry in the event of a scratch or a scuff).


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To illustrate my £2.5k collection suggestion (I going pre-owned to get as much value as possible).


A  nice solid Tissot for everyday wear (£250)


A cool two-tone Tag for a bit of retro bling when you're reminiscing back to your youth (£250 - Running total £500)


A sporty Seiko Diver for more energetic days (£250 - running total £750)


A second Seiko but something dress for when suited and booted (£250 - running total £1000)


Something left field for the weekend (£250 - running total £1,250 )


A G-Shock because some days are going to be messy (£100 - running total £1,100)


Something little and vintage, because every collection needs something old in it (£275 - running total £1,375)


And finally, something understated but lovely as your "best watch" for any occasion (£1,000 - running total £2,375)


Wait, what's that? You've got £125 left?

Something to keep your 8 lovely watches in:

And searching those watches out that build your collection is honestly, a HUGE part of the fun!



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Elliot Brown make good daily watches, quartz and auto, extra tough.

And Ball are great value, probably a bit more than you want to pay new, but used are out there, and Black Friday is coming up.


Most things with an ETA 2824-2 movement will be great accuracy wise.


Longines Spirit look nice.  And currently 70% off Tribus chronometers from Mr. Christopher Ward.

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20 hours ago, LinkinJoe said:

Hey guys, first proper post on here other than my introduction and I was wondering if I could get some help/opinions from other members on here! 

I've always dreamed of owning a luxury watch and recently after a little investment in some old Pokemon Card (mental I know), I had made enough to spend around £2,500 on a nice watch! I went for the Black Bay 58 from Tudor, Black bezel and Black face. Absolutely fell in love with it and finally felt like I'd achieved what I wanted to many years ago, albeit.. not at the level of a Rolex or something similar but I was chuffed. Here come's the part that might confuse most people..

I didn't enjoy wearing it!! (I know) 

Having never owned a nice, expensive watch I felt myself constantly worried and conscious that something was going to happen to it, whether it was scratched, dinged or worst case lost/stolen. I stopped wearing it and subsequently sold it on for a little bit of profit, maybe it was an itch I had to scratch, I'm not sure, or maybe I'm not cut out to own an expensive watch! To some people £2,000+ on a watch isn't much, but to me that really was. 

Anyway, I now feel somewhat naked not having or owning a proper timepiece anymore that I can wear everyday, does anyone have any suggestions on a watch that would be potentially 'similar' to a Tudor, but on a slightly cheaper price bracket? Or something completely different that might tickle my fancy. I'm looking for a bit of inspiration on a daily wearer that won't break the bank but still sits in that bracket that would be classed as a nice watch, around the £500/600 mark? 

Appreciate any replies or any suggestions, and of course if anyone else felt the same I'd love to know! 

What about my Steinhart 39 Marine... you can have it shipped, like new for $350 usd... was going to put it up for sale soon but if you're interested I'll do it at discount for you right now so i don't have to deal with the ad.Screenshot_20210924-112133_Instagram.thumb.jpg.44a5525428cd0c6242111571237bc460.jpg

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It's not confusing to me in the least. I've had expensive watches and always had the same worries as you and moved them on because I just don't enjoy wearing them.

I have a couple of suggestions you just can't go wrong on, definitely not financially and in my opinion on the watches either. END Clothing online has the Timex m79 auto diver reduced to £179, and the quartz q diver to £109. In fact buy one of these and a Marlin and you have diver and dress watch for a few hundred, both cool and quirky.

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On 03/11/2021 at 15:07, LinkinJoe said:

Tried that at Checkout, didn't appear to work! I'll sign up for the newsletter and see if I get sent one. 

I received a letter from CW today with a £100 off voucher, it is valid until the 24th December, if you do decide to got down that route and would like it, drop me a message. :thumbsup:

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@LinkinJoe of course there is an alternative.. keep the BB nice, in a safe place, and buy a nice beater at around £100 to wear daily without care. If you look at makers like Steeldive or Parnis you can buy a "homage" watch that 90% of people couldn't tell the difference but at 5% of the BB cost.

I wouldn't say it is in any form "cheating" as you would have the original watch safe at home. That way you can enjoy both worlds of having a nice watch that you can wear on occasion with a bit of pride and a very similar watch you can go "rock climbing" with, carefree. 

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I don't own any outrageously expensive watches 3.5k outlay is my ceiling at present but being in the OP's ballpark I thought I'd comment. This is what insurance is for. I use M&S insurance and for the princely sum of less than £45 a month I get buildings and contents with the relevant bits being:


Valuables single item limit*: £15,000 *We define valuables as Stamp, coin or medal collections, pictures, other works of art, items of gold, silver or any other precious metal, jewellery, watches and furs.





Contents away from home: £10,000


This means I'm not *that* bothered wearing my Breitling or Ulysse Nardin and wandering into a dodgy area or giving it a knock. Yes I'd be utterly gutted by the total loss of either of these but they are only 'things' - even if the Breitling would cut deep as I bought it to remember my mum as she was herself a bit of a closet watch lover.

The rest of my watches are of the under a grand variety with the majority being Chinese homages from Steeldive which I think are insane VFM if you like the styling and would urge you look into if you like that kind of thing.

On the 'under a grand or there abouts nice watch' front I'd urge you to look at Longines and Eterna - massively underrated watches with insane historical cachet now fallen on 'hard times' the Conquest and Heritage Diver from Longines are great and the Super Kontiki from Eterna is fantastic. They positively scream 'knows his onions' horologically but fly under most naer'do'wells radar. 

Good luck with the collection though, whatever makes you happy is the most important thing.




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