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New watch day! Bremont Submarine S301


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That’s very nice, we’ll done on a good capture. A lad I work with bought himself a Bremont MB2 which was a lovely watch in the flesh.

I just couldn’t reconcile the full rrp given what else is out there at that price point.  It was nicely put together though. 
Enjoy :thumbs_up:

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1 hour ago, antjrice said:

eBay has been good to me. I have a good method for selling watches that results in me generally being net positive and i've grabbed many a bargain on the other side. Occasionally a listing will catch my eye that has photos that aren't great and an auction end time that is a bit awkward and i'll put in a cheeky bid and sometimes, i just so happen to win. That has happened again for a very pleasing price and as it was winging (incidental pun) its way to me I thought either i'll relist it well and make a cheeky bob or two or i'll like it and keep it. We're going for option 2 folk so here's my first foray with Bremont, the Submarine S301:


40mm case and about 48mm lug to lug which is perfect for me. This Trip-Tick case malarkey is pretty cool as the black section gives the watch a sense of depth from any angle, it's kind of like an optical illusion which is the opposite of something like a Tudor Black Bay that makes you feel like you have an anvil on your wrist.

The bezel is matte ceramic with a matte dial so the vintage accents on the dial and crown feel really well balanced and authentic (ironically). Red accents are spot on too. The indicies are not applied but I think this is actually a good move in adding some subtly to a dial with few things going on. Colour matched date wheel follows the same theme.


Case back is nice and thematic as everything Bremont needs to be. A least it's a sea plane.....


Box and papers are OK. Movement rated at COSC level certification. They quote ISO 3159 which I understand is the same as COSC but I presure the difference is that these are not sent to Switzerland.

Provided with a good stainless steel and a leather strap but I stuck straight onto a nato which is my usual preference for dive watches. Decent watch roll.


So I like this a lot and pleased to have finally got hold of a Bremont which I knew was always going to happen one day. Should this cost more than a Tudor Black Bay? No, but it is clearly a quality watch belonging somewhere in that tier.




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39 minutes ago, Caterham Kid said:

Very nice.

Can you give me some tips on selling. I have had a watch for sale for 6 months and I can't sell it for half what I paid for it!!! 


7 or 10 day auction, low start price, finishing on a Saturday late afternoon/early evening, lots of good quality photo's (main photo a close up of the face of the watch, but include a wrist shot, several different angles of the watch, and if you have box and dox a photo of the whole package), detailed explanation and detail as to what it is you are selling, free P&P and it helps a LOT if you have good feedback and a decent amount of it.

I tend to highlight that I am a watch enthusiast and that I'd welcome questions too. Be open to offers, but if you are consider putting a guide price for offer (ideally 10-15% above what you hope to acheive)

Also I like to include the brand, model and reference number in the title, fill in as many of the specifics as I possibly can and I also include a link to the actual watch on the brand or a retailers website (especially if I can find one selling at rrp or close).

As a rule of thumb I aim to buy at 35-45% of rrp (some brands differ more than others obviously) but aim to sell at 50-60% of rrp.

Apologies for the hijack and I'd welcome anything I'm missing that @antjrice feels would better my own formula.

The buying side is being prepared to take a punt when the advert is brief on detail and the pictures a little shoddy with the auction ending at 14:37 on a Tuesday afternoon when most of the world is bust at work.


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