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Thursday's Wrist Parade


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2 hours ago, tick-tock-tittle-tattle said:

My brother in law asked me recently how much he may possibly get for his Rolex GMT from 1999 and I gave him a rough price based on him telling me that it was a full set.

He then brought the watch for me to have a look at and my valuation tumbled, yes it had the box, and papers, but no hang tag, no original receipt, and he had another watch in with the Rolex so they 'gently crash' into each other causing lots of lovely scratches. All this was coupled with a jammed bezel ( I'm guessing wrist cheese) and there was a receipt from a watch shop in Singapore for $40 as he had the 'COKE' bezel removed and a black bezel put on.

He wasn't overly happy when I told him he should have left it as it was with the original bezel, and that he should have looked after it as it had cost him thousands in potential profit.

I'm not sure there is a moral to the story really, but I'm glad that I could tell him he was an 4rse in a diplomatic manner :biggrin:

I know he has lost some potential profit by treating his watch as he has, but I quite like his attitude. It's his watch and he's used it as he liked with little thought to resale value. It obviously wasn't bought as an investment :thumbsup: and as long as he's enjoyed owning it, good luck to him, no doubt it's still worth more than he paid for it.

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2 hours ago, PaulBoy said:

I think that mesh works nicely with the black case on your Orient :thumbsup:

Not sure myself. Think it overpowers the watch slightly. Taken it off now and put it on a sailcloth strap and I reckon it looks a lot better! The sail cloth strap actually had green stitching on it as it was bought for a watch with green accents on it. I no longer have that watch so the strap doesn't really go with anything else, so a bit of permanent marker on the stitching and now its all black. A much more versatile strap than the green stitching previously.



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4 hours ago, tick-tock-tittle-tattle said:

I can't honestly think that there is anything good I can say about him.

I try to avoid toxic people, that's hard when they are part of the family.

I must have been the most unpredictable annoying troublesome self-centred ignorant little brother to my big brother and possibly he can still see those traits in me. Fortunately he was not a blind judgmental bullheaded stubborn twat and still loves me for my past mistakes.

He's amazing.

I'm glad I have him as my big brother, it could have been worse. At our age it might have been toxic.


I switched to this to have a football timer.. large.20211106_132947.jpg.440bcda04056fa59e00eb0c2a72aed5e.jpg

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