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The "Coolest" watches....


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Now "cool" is going to be different to each of us but is there any in that list that you feel strongly should not be?

And what is in your mind being omitted from the list unfairly?

I think my next two purchases should be on there (but that's why I want them as my next two purchases!)



Obviously I feel that @yokel's Moser should also be on the list and I'd personally have a Glashutte Sixties in there as well.

The only one I feel strongly should not be on that list is the Seiko, there are many iconic watches that I'd have accepted as cool from the brand, but the orange 5 would not be anywhere close to the Seiko top 10 for me!

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I've never been accused of being cool, so take this with a pinch of salt, but it seems rather a list of the usual suspects rather than cool watches.

I would think that to be cool, a watch would have to be somehow different, and not one of the iconic watches that normal watch enthusiasts desire.

In fact, the watches on your list are much more suitable as being cool watches Bricey :thumbsup:

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As is this Omega….because of the story behind it and the build to make these pieces 


Just now, No time to tell said:

I’m not sure any luxury mechanical watch can be cool, is anybody that uses this website cool?

Most of us are old, so if not cool, stone cold in a year or 2

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2 minutes ago, Alpha550t said:

I've seen another with the rotated face, but I can't remember where. It's certainly different. 

There’s a few pieces like this. Longines Avigation is one, pretty sure TAG do another. 

they were designed as pilots and driving watches so you could read the time when your hands were on the controls 

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I think the JLC Memovox from the late 60’s is pretty cool. Three hander with mechanical alarm.


And it’s diver cousin, compressor style with inner rotating bezel.


Hmmmm, I wonder why??? :whistle:

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I'm obviously anything but cool.

Wouldn't give house-room to many of those at all. Possibly the Legend and Radomir if I had to pick. I do like Nomos, but not that one.

I'll stay being "square", thank you.


Where on earth do they dig up these "pundits"?


I know  --  I'm an old curmudgeon  :wheelchair:

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Watches are fab and all ... but they are rarely "cool". The notion could be considered by some as ridiculous. The only way they get close to that is if they are jaunty in colour, impudent in aesthetic and de rigour of wrist posture. With that in mind I would suggest @mrzee's Certina is "cool" , but nothing I own is , remotely. :-)

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