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Definitive O&w Information And History


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On 29/10/2009 at 02:59, mattbeef said:

Its because Albert Wajs is about 80 and still going

Over the last 10-12 years, I’ve exchanged emails with Mr Albert Wajs on several occasions.  I reached out a few weeks ago not really expecting a response since by my calculations, he’s 90 years old based on what he told me in a previous email.

I’ll be damned if he didn’t respond within 2 hours.  That made me very, very happy.  

Long live O&W, long live Mr. Wajs.

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Hi Everybody new to the forum. I have recently bought a Selectron Computer by O and W as I believe most of these watches were sold at PXs in South East Asia. I am keen to trace its history and it has quite obviously been a pilots watch as the 10 digit on the outer bezel has been drilled out to operate with a pen etc. My watchmaker and I opened it up but we cant ascertain any numbers on case or movement. Anybody idea where to find them?

What I can say it has a Bettlach EB movement which I am told is quite old fashioned and dates it to around the late 60's early seventies. Does anybody know anything about these watches. TIA

This is the watch I bought                   https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/keys-aylsham-salerooms/catalogue-id-srkey10353/lot-8c6baa93-32af-4510-9ce5-abd70098dceb


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@johnmt360 I don't think you will find numbers, all the vintage O&W's I have owned didn't have a serial number.O&W were a small outfit run by Mr Ollech and Mr Wajs (although in the Vietnam years they did sell about 10,000 watches a year). You are right in saying many of O&W's watches were sold through PX stores.

Selectrons came in several forms with different dials, it could have been used by a pilot but might not have been as other watches such as the 24 hour Glycine Airman and the O&W Early Bird were popular given pilots needed to reference Zulu time (GMT) and local time, both watches were again sold via PX stores.

I have always thought Selectron in their various forms would be popular with flight engineers and navigators on the larger aircraft, but that's just my guess. You look like you have a nice example, they are very collectable these days now Mr Wajs has retired (Ollech died in 1992 or thereabouts). 

The Bettlach movements are quite low grade mostly pin-lever

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