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Reserve prices.

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Sorry but these p***es me off.

Please. Just start at the minimum you want for the item, at least we know where we stand.

I don't bugger about with reserve prices on that other place, too much trouble.

I don't mean to offend, I just like to know where I'm at.

Sorry ;)

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Here are some of the 'rules' from eprey -


Bidding for your auction will start at this price.

The starting price is the lowest price at which you are willing to sell your item (unless you also specify a reserve price). Bidding will start at this price.

Note: For Multiple Item Auctions, you are required to enter a starting price of at least $0.99. Learn more.

Tip: Sellers have found that setting the starting price too high may discourage bidding.

If you are using the Fixed Price format, you'll enter a Buy It Now price.

Simply enter the price at which you wish to sell your item or items

Reserve Price

Don't want to sell your item below a certain price? Set a reserve price!

A reserve price is a tool sellers can use to stimulate bidding on their auction-style item while reserving the right not to sell below a price they have in mind.

Many sellers have found that too high a starting price discourages interest in their item, while an attractively low starting price makes them vulnerable to selling at an unsatisfactorily low price. A reserve price helps with this.

How does it work?

A reserve price is the lowest price at which you are willing to sell your item. If a bidder does not meet that price, you're not obligated to sell your item. You set your reserve price, as well as a starting price, when you list your item.

The reserve price is not disclosed to bidders, but they will be told that your auction has a reserve price and whether or not the reserve has been met.

All Reserve Price Auctions are subject to a Reserve Price Auction Fee that is refunded when you successfully complete your auction on eBay. If your item does not sell, this fee is not refunded.

Leave the reserve price field blank if you don't want to use a reserve price.

Restrictions: Reserve Price Auctions are not available for Multiple Item Auctions (Dutch Auctions).

Buy It Now

An opportunity to sell your item fast—at your price using the Fixed Price Format or as an option on Online Auction Listings.

You can give your buyers the convenience of Buy It Now on your listings both using the Fixed Price format and within Online Auction listings .

Fixed Price format

Note: You must have a feedback rating of 10 or more (or be ID Verified) to list your item in a Fixed Price listing with a quantity of one. To create a Fixed Price listing with a quantity of two or more, you must have a feedback rating of 30 or more and be a registered user for at least 14 days (or be ID Verified).

When you choose to list in the Fixed Price format, you'll indicate the price at which you'd like to sell your item(s) and buyers can purchase from your listings immediately at that price.

Online Auction Format

When you choose the Buy It Now option on Online Auction Listings (available for single quantity only), your item has two ways to sell.

* If a buyer is willing to meet your Buy It Now price before the first bid comes in, your item sells instantly and your auction ends.

* OR, if a bid comes in first, the Buy It Now option disappears. Then your auction proceeds normally. (In Reserve Price Auctions, Buy It Now disappears after the first bid that meets the reserve.)

Tip: Make Buy It Now as fast and easy as possible for both you and your buyer by allowing credit card payments.

Restriction: To sell with Buy It Now, you must have either a minimum feedback rating of 10 or be ID verified.

Hope this helps

When I sell there, I don't use a Reserve so I don't have to pay that fee. I just set the Starting Bid at the lowest amount I'll sell for.

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I'm with you Si, don't understand, no matter how many fancy definitions are bandied about, as far as I'm concerned a reserve price and start price are both the same i.e. the lowest that a seller is prepared to accept.

I posted similar remarks elswhere and it didn't go down too well. :(

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