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Name The Bands

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Is 234 The Undertones?? :no:

227 looks vaguely familiar Walker brothers? :no:

266 Boo Radleys?? :no:

9 is Limp Bizkit :thumbsup:

Is 178 The Dooley's ? :thumbsup:

260 is it the Pet Shop Boys? :no:

156 is the Talking Heads I think :thumbsup:

266 Pete Doherty/Babyshambles ? :no:

50 Pink Floyd :thumbsup: **** me i never knew they ever looked like that :D

55 Cream :thumbsup:

73 Ocean Colour Scene :thumbsup: On a role Ian :notworthy:

84 Crowded House :thumbsup:

103 Suede :thumbsup: The boy's good isn't he!

112 Them :thumbsup: I've never heard of them :huh:

266 Supergrass :thumbsup:

220 New Order :thumbsup:

23 is Miles out of the Wonderstuff :thumbsup: Wonder stuff it is :D

234 is Neds Atomic Dustbin, :thumbsup: never heard of then either :D

207 Charlatans :thumbup:

Thanks everyone the Mrs will be over the moon! Although I suspect if she wins everyone at her work will suspect she cheated somehow!

Only 28 to go I think :D

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Is 178 The Dooley's ? :blink:

How sad that you knew that :D I did too, "Love Patrol" is one of my top 10 faves :ph34r:

254. Elastica

139. Kula Shaker

84. Is that Split Enz not crowded House?

169. Looks like that girly Lee out of Imagination.

220. Electronic :P

The dooleys was driving us mad, we could remember them from seaside special but couldn't think of their name! :D

254. Elastica :thumbsup:

139. Kula Shaker :thumbsup: Whilst we were in bed last night these came on one of the channels, must remember them in the morning we said, do you think we did? :D

84. Is that Split Enz not crowded House? No it is crowded house

169. Looks like that girly Lee out of Imagination. :no:

220. Electronic no it is New order

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Paul, 37 attachments in one Topic, are you trying to crash the server ? :tongue2::lol: Bloody West Ham fans.

Opps sorry Roy, 38 now :ph34r:

I'll delete them on Wednesday! :D

here's the ones we haven't got



























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257 is definitely Echobelly :)

Just looked on t'internet & apparently they're still together - which is great news as I thought they'd split up years ago. They're an excellent band & had a great single out a good few years ago (in the 1990's) called "Great Things".

Glad to be of help - is there a prize if you get them all right? :thumbup:

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