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Seiko Diver Advise


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Now then,

I'm shopping on the bay for me first proper auto, I like the look of this as a bit of a project, how much should i pay and how easy is to get a new bezel for it.

Its item no. 110082180827 if you fancy a look, currently at a fiver and its local so i might go an collect it.

Vintage Seiko 5 sports 6309 divers style watch

On black resin strap. Runs when shaken. Pepsi bezel is the original, but is quite distressed. Model No 6309-836A serial 270101 which dates it to July 1982



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I think it could be a nice watch with a bit of work - at the moment the price is right but if it goes beyond £25 then I probably wouldn't bother as the price of a service will probably set you back £30 - £40. I don't think a watch like this, working well & in good condition, would sell for much more than £50 - £60 tops. You should be able to get the movement serviced which would make for a reliable watch - the 6309 in renowned as being an extremely reliable & tough movement. You might want to ask the seller if the watch is original as many Seiko parts are interchangeable & it could be a cobbled together mishmash (just like some of my Seiko's are :blink:)!! I'm 99% certain that the crown should screw down so you might want to make sure that it works properly & that the day/date can still be quickset. If you want to change the bezel insert then finding a new one could prove difficult, though you might find a used one in better condition. Another point to bear in mind is that these aren't particularly big watches (probably about 38mm across) unlike the cushion cased 150m 6309 divers which are well over 40mm in diameter.

If you like it go for it - you never know it might work fine & just need wearing regularly for a bit. Personally I like these watches :thumbup:

Let us know how you get on :)

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Thanks Paul,

I'll probably hold out for a better one, then as i don't really want a distressed one :) and was hoping to pick up a pepsi bezel to go with it. Thanks for the advice I like the smaller divers personally i'm not into the can of tuna on the wrist look. I might look for a nice old chrono otherwise if i can't find a nice diver.



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