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"We were soldiers."


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Mel Gobson did a good job in this, I reckon. What a bloody good film, I've watched it four times and it is rare for me to watch a film so many times. Just seems right.

Could Mel Gibson be the new Steve McQueen (my hero)? Dunno, but I did enjoy this film.

It shows that American forces are not as portrayed in the latter years of that war. That US forces are competant and capable, as they always were. About time this was made clear!

Maybe in forty years we may see a similarly good movie about the Falklands? I doubt it, we Brits tend to spend too much time dwelling on our failures.

Well, it's only a movie and so is life it seems ;) :rolleyes::blink:

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I saw it and liked it. I did find it a little preachy though. It seemed that the commanders on both sides already knew the outcome of the war though this was a very early engagement. Gibson is quite the powerful man in Hollywood. The controversy surrounding his movie Passion is amazing. The director and the actor who plays Jesus were struck by lightning!

I just saw a movie that I'd never heard of abouth the refugee aftermath of the war called Green Dragon. It stars Patrick Swayze (if you can believe it) and Forest Whitaker (who is watchable in anything). It was pretty moving especially for a movie I'd never heard of.

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Stan interesting comments about US forces; my grandfather always spoke well of them in WW2 to quote his memoirs "good fighting men and generous to a fault". He tells a story of going on furlough after being wounded; he arrived at the port to go back to England with his backside hanging out of his only battledress. He tried to get a new one from the quartermaster and was told to F*** off! A US NCO who had witnessed this took my grandfather to one side and said "you cant go home in that state, come back in an hour". When he came back the US NCO had a brand new Canadian battledress for him.

What did the British army do when he got back to England? Charge him for wearing a Canadian battledress!

Interestingly my son had similar comments about US forces in Iraq, especially the full time forces (he wasnt so sure about some of the reservists). He said they would have starved without the extra food that the US servicemen gave them!

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Yeah, good guys. Excellent equpiment, lots of it. Must be said though our own armed forces are, by far and away, the best fighting force in the world. Despite constraints of money and changing political opinions, which seriously affect the forces, it is aknowledged by all but the most partizan of countries that the brits are the best. I'm not saying that because of who I am! It's just a fact. It doesn't take away from other forces but it is still true. I've worked with more forces/countires than I care to remember in war and peace and it stands out a mile.

I remember doing work with the Royal Marines and the US Rangers. We had completed a massive yomp by foot to the exercise area. On rout the Rangers lost about 15% of their guys due to the distance and the weight we were caryying. When we got there the Rangers said, "You guys are amazing, we can't believe how well you coped with the distance".

Unfortunately for them that was only the lurney to the begining of the exercise!

Their faces were a picture when they relised we hadn't even started!

The thing is, they don't train in the same way. They use their helicopters/technology far more where as we train using basics learned over years and years.

Sorry to drone but.....another time I was training with American special forces when I was taking infantry battle fitness training. We got to the end and the Americans said "Your special forces training is amazing, I've never trained so hard in my life". Unfortunately it was only the standard infantry training (which is bloody hard mind you!). If they had attempted SAS/SBS training I think they would have expired....now that IS incredibly hard.


Oh yeah....great film!

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Don't talk to me about BFT, the mere mention of it brings back some very horrible memories! And I was only a regular in the RAF :lol:

Had a mate who was in 3 para and went to the SAS for training. They literally crippled him, did his knee in and was medical pensioned out of the Army! He's a painter and decorator now!

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