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The "4" has landed

pg tips

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Hi everyone. Just got in from work. Boy don't some people make you want to puke? Nice to see your now posting in the other place Andy :lol:

Thanks for the kind comments about my pics, had fun doing them (Roy feel free to use them in any way you wish mind you I think this baby will sell out pretty fast).

I've now slipped my Seiko off and my non horologically significant beast on and I've got the biggest smile on my face you've ever seen!

Come on Griff I want to know which is better the "4" or the "DN" :lol:

btw Roy is this 17 or 25J (says 25 on rotor)?

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Let's just call it "The RLT4, the watch that sneers at arseholes".

If you are an ********, you will not be allowed to buy any RLT watch.

It was nice of Eddie to come over and show support for Roy. I guess he has to put up with the his share arseholes?

Nice one Eddie. ;)

Still, I'm looking forward to the RLT6 that's on it's way to me. But, "Oh my God it's quartz and made by a cobbler". :lol::lol:

I guess we will see some more diatribe soon. :lol::lol::lol:


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Roy, I'm a t**t the 17J is in the "5".

Good news, just shown it to Mrs tips. She's letting me keep it as it's only 2 weeks to go! So nothing to unwrap on the 25th now but WGAF!

Good news again, she doesn't like it so she won't be nicking this one! :lol:

Suprising really I though she liked things big and black!

Stan you have a mucky mind I was talking about the Merc she wants! :lol:

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How the f*** can you read my mind over the interweb? :o:o

PG, that's spooky :blink: No, I have a glass head. :lol::lol::lol:

I feel sorry for Eddie. Perhaps he should start a " Brains In Arse" club to compete with the BAC?

RLT rejects apply here...........


And you think you're a t**t. :lol::ph34r:

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The RLT4 watch is gorgeous as it is.

I like this comment too :

You cobble together a watch of no horological significance whatsoever and think your god.


I would just like to say that most people on the TZ-UK forum are not like the person who wrote all of this negative stuff. I don't know what personal issues he has but they are obviously serious. Your watch looks great and I can't wait until I get mine. I'm also happy to have found your nice forum. As a fellow watch collector, and watch dealer I appreciate quality and your watch seems to have a lot of that.



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Well I've just posted a comment over there, and the point is, just look how happier our forum is and more peaceful, now certain assholes have departed. I'm just glad it's now clear to others that we are well rid of types that are full of verbal diarrhoea and miserable thoughts!..........F*** 'em!! :angry:

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Blurdy hell PG

Hope mine lights up like that!

I have just (well my wife did) unpacked it & put it on my wrist. Roy-superb. Trish thinks it's nice as well-thought the dial might have been a bit plain for her. Only regret is the strap will need another hole for me, & they're not the normal circular type. It's going to spoil the pattern :( Will live with it for now though. Oh Roy - the box with plaque is cool as f...sorry!

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Welcome Texastime, I'm sure you'll love it.

Took this last night. I'm sure there are some who will complain that the colours don't match and hold Roy personally responsible. Me, I love it.

Thank you, what a cool picture! I haven't been able to figure out how to do those, everytime I take a picture of my watch at night the flash goes off spoiling the glow :blink:

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I have read the posts in the other place - seems as if it is a few individuals and does not reflect the forum as a whole - one person inparticular we are quite familiar with.

It was good of Eddie to come on this forum to give support (by the I have a PRS4 on Roy's advice - great watch Eddie).

I think the RLT4 is a great looking watch - sure milled edges and onion crowns aren't everybodies cup of tea but so what - some people dont like 250g watches!

The watch has few comparisons - the nearest I found is the Glycine Observer - the RLT4 looks to have a lot better finish, has a clearer dial and a more interesting lug design and of course it is a limited addition.

Cant wait for my RLT4 04/50 to arrive!


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Ah yes! RLT4 09/50 has arrived in Nashua, NH US and a striking piece it is.

The dial is huge in relation to the case and is extremely easy to read (especially for us with declining vision). Great attention to design detail; minute and second hands end in the minute track; coin edge on the back shows design coordination; superb finish. Hands and hour markers glow brightly when not in direct light. Am I going to have to lay it face down so it doesn't light up the room when going to sleep?

Onion crown and coin edge bezel complement each other and remind me of the Chronoswiss Orea and Timemaster cases.

A lot has already been said about the boxes - they shout CLASS (and $$$).

THANK YOU Mr Taylor for an outstanding addition to my collection at a price that doesn't require approval of the

"Watch Aquisition Limiting Factor"
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A hearty welcome to RLT, I hope you'll have some good times with us. :D ;)


I will try not to bugger about or bore the poor lads over at Eddie's place. They seem like a good bunch and deserve better than me. :lol:

I think the two forum have a lot in common, not least a love of watches. ;)

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The lume shot was taken on a purely manual setting with a 15 second exposure the crown is out hence the line of the seconds hand in the 2 of 12 (f2.8 for those anoraks out there). You do need to be able to turn the flash off.

I "charged" the lume under a halogen desk lamp for about 5 minutes before the shot was taken. The room needs to be pitch black otherwise you'll start to see more of the watch. I did not brighten it up in paint shop but I did tweak the colour as the origional shot didn't look like the actual watch. I think my pic is a fair representation but it still doesn't show the "glow" effect.

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General Comments

Pictures of the watch are all over the RLT forum and on the RLT commercial site; I can recommend PG’s review and photos.

The RLT4 is a large watch in the style of the Limes Nightflight Vintage and Glycine Observer; it is however in my opinion a better looking watch than either the Limes or Glycine. The case is 43 mm in diameter and 12 mm high and 53mm lug to lug, the lug spacing is 22mm and the watch minus strap weighs 92.5g (from Roy’s description).


The case is beautifully made and if rumours are true about its source then we are fortunate indeed.

The case is a tasteful combination of brushed stainless steel on the sides, polished stainless steel and crystal display back with milled edges and a milled bezel. The brushing is uni-directional giving the sides of the case a nice satin sheen. The lugs are well engineered with screwed bars and no sharp edges.

The crystal is thick mineral glass with bevelled edges and sits slightly proud of the bezel so perhaps a danger of chipping with hard use (which non of us will do of course!).

The crown is of “onion†style, not sure about this I think I would have preferred a normal crown, however it is a minor issue. Onion crowns are certainly a lot more comfortable.


Roy has given the RLT4 a black handmade English flieger strap with white stitching and a nice taper from 22mm to 18mm at the buckle. The only criticism I have is that the stainless steel buckle is a grey colour, it would have been better to have a polished stainless steel buckle to match the case. Overall the watch sits well with the strap.

Dial and Hands

The dial is black with highly luminous numbers sitting inside a substantial seconds scale; a date window replaces the number 3. The RLT Watch Co. England logo sits under the 12 and between the 10 and 2. The hands are of squelette type and again highly luminous with a non luminous second hand. I like this dial, it has a nice vintage look but has retained a contemporary feel.


I know bugger all about movements and will leave comments to those that know. It will be interesting to see if it performs as well as my RLT5 (less than a second a day). I like the hacking facility – helps when you are accuracy obsessed. The watch number is engraved on the rotor and clearly visible through the display back.

Box & Papers

Box is really nice and appropriate for the style of the RLT4 – rosewood with brass plaque. There are no papers.


For the price of £240 you get a lot of watch for the money, and with a limited number of 50 I have no doubt that this will become a valuable collectors item in the future.

I am really pleased with the watch it looks great on my 8.5†wrist, a real winner Roy thank you!

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