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Good Book


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Just bought the "Complete Price Guide to Watches - 2003 of Amazon.co.uk

It is an American book so I am not sure how valid the prices are - it is full of information and lots of facsimile pics of thousand of watches (note - no glossy pics).

Good sections on Gruen and Hamilton (just for Stan) as well as the usual Omega &c. If you are interested in American watches lots of info.

Amazon Link

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It's O.K. if you're interested in AMERICAN or posh watches I suppose. Good value at the price.

The prices quoted should be treated as a very rough guide - the market is volatile.

It depends on whats in fashion, supply and demand, and what some twit is willing to pay.

Not much on Russian watches - unless wooden pocket watches are your thing.

I think that when collecting becomes this organised it becomes boring. Ticking off pages in your I-spy book. Yawn.

Give me the wild Russian Steppes. :lol:

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I agree R K,

If you start collecting on the grounds that you haven't got one of those yet you end up buying something you don't like and will never wear just because you wanted one of that type/name etc in the collection.

Buy what you like and like what you buy. The book is a fantastic pick up and browse item but not a lot good for much else IMVHO.

Me, I've now got my collecting guide sorted!

Most Russian stuff good.

Most Seiko's good

Rotating Bezels good

Rotating bezels on a seiko or russian even better.

sort of good looking vintage stuff good

Roman numerals and gold bad

Rotary good if more that 30 years old and absolutly no way if less than 10 years old!

Black dial better than white white better than silver, anything better than gold.

Qtz um used to be no now it's a maybe.

As you can see I don't think I'll ever limit myself to one type or make. there was a link to a site on the other side of a guy who collects just omega and most of them were seamasters. When you've seen one haven't you seen them all?

Variety is the spice of life but even then I have to like it. It doesn't bother me if everyone else in the whole world thinks its a pile of crap.

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Well I know less than Bugger All :lol: and find it interesting ... they are not all posh ... :lol:

Ticking off a list isnt my style ... I know what I like and I like what I know ... (can't get the bloody tune out of my head!) ...

Take someone that we all know and love who has a genuine interest in American watches .. well this book has a great section on Gruen and Hamilton ....

OK I will shut up ... :angry: ...

PG agree with roman and gold bad, and black-white-silver-gold bad :)

Give you the Russian Steppes ... anytime ... they are crap ... I work there quite often ... they are either cold or red hot ... and their is less to see than in Scotland ;) ... i had to do a round trip of 1120km for a 2 hour meeting ... it sucks ...

Girls are nice though ;)

I am just in a bad mood :(

Sick of Youghurt Knitters

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John I'd never heard youghurt knitters, we used to say plait fog as in you've more chance of plaiting fog.

Although I think your meaning is slightly different in that youghurt knitters means people who are useless rather than trying to perform the impossible?

I agree the book is interesting but how often are you going to come across any of the ones in there unless you dedicate your life to searching for them? Have you seen how many entries there are under Rolex! You could spend your whole life looking and still only ever find half of them.

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Paul a youghurt knitter is a bleeding heart liberal not a PG :lol: sorry for any misunderstanding!

I didnt buy the book for anything othet than finding out more about watches ... there is a lot of info in it whatever your attitude to collecting is .. thats all I was trying to say ... I would have to sell my house to track down all the watches :lol:

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Yeah I know Jot. I've got a very romantic view of Russia.

Forgive me my foolishness :(:( .

You aren't being foolish ... i like Russia ... its just the steppes that are crap !!!

It has its problems ... but it is an exciting place

No forgiving necessary !!

They are not politically correct as well ... suits me :lol:

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Hi JoT,

I might try to get my hands on that book. My Wife bought me a watch book whilst in the USA and it's a good way to see vintage watches that I may never see in the flesh.

Many American watch companies were formed by European imigrants and the watch movements made in Switzerland. What attracts me most to American watches is the case styles and elaborate dials that were not typical of other nationalities of watch.

I do wish someone would write a definitive tome on Russian watches. There must be many Russian watches that have simply never been (or will be) seen outside of Russia.

The world is our oyster (no pun intended) as far as watches are concerned. I would like a nice Smith's watch at some time. :D

Got any Roy?

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