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Merging Pictures

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How to merge pictures.

I use Paint Shop Pro 5 which I got free with a mag but I think it works the same on all subsequent versions that use layers.

First open the pictures you want to merge. Click the magnify button and right click the open pictures to make them fairly small and move them (by clicking on the title bar and draging) to one side.

Now open a new blank page by clicking the new icon in the top tool bar (the one under "file"), select size of about 8â€x 5†and again using the magnify tool right click to get it about ¼ the size of your screen and move this to the other side so you can see all the images and the new blank window at once.

Now you need to open the layers palette. Click View, then toolbars and put a tick in the layer palette box and then OK. Move the layer palette bottom right out of the way.

You should get something like this where I am merging the 3 pics on the left into the new page top right.


Now to merge. Click on the select button (the one that looks like an arrow in the top left). Now click on the 1st image. The title bar of that window should go dark to show you it’s selected.

You should now see the word “background†in the layer palette. Click and hold the word “background†and drag it into the new blank window and release. Viola, the image should now be on the blank page. Repeat this for all the images you want to merge. You should see the reposition tool (looks like a big +) has automatically been selected.

You can now move the images into position and crop as necessary. When done right click in the layer palette and select merge all.

As I said it’s far easier to do than to explain. I hope this helps. Try it and have fun.

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There is a bloody good site on the web for paint shop tutorial, but I can't find the address just now. You'll probably find it if you need it by google.

I really is simple once you get the hang of it.

If you just want to put 2 pics side by side get them sized up as individual pics before you merge them. Much easier that way.

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Si has been having problems posting and has asked me to post this :

PG: Thanks a lot for that.

I was wondering how you do those screen shots: the dread day approaches when my mum gets her first computer at home. (The thought of it, Jesus...)

I think it may be useful if I can send screenshots of various things... how do you do it and can you save then as files that can be emailed?



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